Everything About The global Multidimensional Poverty Index Report 2021

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According to a new UN report on global multidimensional poverty issued on Thursday, five out of every six multidimensionally poor persons in India come from lower tribes or castes.

Highlights of the Report -

  1. Five out of every six people in India who are multidimensionally poor are from lower tribes or castes. 
  2. The Scheduled Tribes makeup 9.4% of the population and are the poorest, with 65 million people living in multidimensional poverty out of a total population of 129 million.
  3. The Scheduled Caste group follows the Scheduled Tribes, with 33.3 percent of the population living in multidimensional poverty (94 million out of 283 million).
  4. According to the research, 27.2 percent of the Other Backward Class group (160 million individuals out of 588 million) lives in multidimensional poverty, "indicating a lesser incidence but equal severity to the Scheduled Caste group."
  5. In India, five out of every six multidimensionally poor persons reside in households where the head of the household belongs to a Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled Caste, or Other Backward Class

Major Finding.

There are 109 countries and 5.9 billion people in the world:

  • Multidimensional poverty affects 1.3 billion individuals. Approximately half (644 million) are children under the age of 18.Almost 85% dwell in Sub-Saharan Africa (556 million) or South Asia (532 million). More over 67 percent of the world's population lives in middle-income countries.
  • Each year, 1 billion people are exposed to solid cooking fuels, poor sanitation, and bad housing. 788 million people live in a family where at least one person is malnourished. 568 million people do not have access to safe drinking water within a 30-minute walk

Souce-Multidimensional Poverty

  1. According to the report, 
    • India (2015/16) has 381 million people living in multidimensional poverty, 
    • Nigeria (2018: 93 million)
    •  Pakistan (2017/18) has 83 million, 
    • Ethiopia (2019) has 77 million, 
    • The Democratic Republic of the Congo (2017/18) has 56 million.
  • According to the report, almost 16 million multidimensionally poor men and children (0.3 percent of the population) live in households with no woman or girl aged 10 or older.
  • However, 622 million multidimensionally poor people who live with a woman or a girl living in households where no one has finished six or more years of schooling, regardless of gender.
  • In India, female-headed families account for over 12% of the population, or 162 million people
  • Female-headed households account for one in every six multidimensionally poor people (207 million) across 108 nations.
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Where do multidimensionally poor people live?

Souce-Multidimensional Poverty

How is the Report Prepared?
  • Aside from money, the Index assesses poverty through a variety of variables such as poor health, insufficient education, and a low standard of living.
  • The report's study was undertaken in 109 countries, representing 5.9 billion people, and includes ethnicity/race/caste disaggregation for 41 nations.

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