Letter sample for asking recommendation email and certificate

let's assume you are working as a Junior Research Assistant in some of the organizations.And you are planning to change your job prospects hence you applied to a senior-level research position for which a recommendation letter or email along with certificates is required. On this juncture, how would you draft a letter to your supervisor or manager for a recommendation email or certificate?  Refer to the following draft that might help you to do a better applicant.

The Office In-charge 
XYZ Organization 
Dear Sir,

I am applying for the job of Research Associate in  DFFC. So, I require a certificate of recommendation email from you.
As you know I have been working in your organization for more than five years. I have learned a lot from this organization. I hope and believe that you must have been satisfied with my service and performances and I have always been obliged you and the organization for giving the opportunity to serve.

As I am planning to look for better opportunities, therefore require your email recommendation for my candidature. For your certification of recommendation,I shall be highly indebted to you and try will put my heart and soul to draw another impression towards your organization.

Thanking you 

Yours Faithfully,
Junior Research Assistant 

TIps to draft a request letter of recommendation letter.
  1. It is advisable to inform about the job you are applying or have already got an offer letter.
  2. Express your gratefulness in your letter to your concern.
  3. State a reason how important is that position to you.
  4. While writing your email or letter make it short and communicative.


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