Importance of Postive Self Image for an Individual for effective Functioning in his/her life


Self image is the mental picture of yourself both as a physical body and an  Individual. When you think about yourself the feeling and the images that came up are important. So positive self image is is very important while negative self image may put yourself into personality disorder and can be a cause of your unhappiness. Which will lead you an un effective life style.low self image can be cause of stress, depression. So love the way you are.

What is self image
- It is a mental picture of yourself both as a physical body & an individual.
- when you see the mirror, what you see in mirror, It's a mental image one has of oneself.
- When you see yourself the feeling and the image that came up are important. It must be self motive and postive. If if will negative it completely destroy your inner peace.
- A healthy body image means that you are see yourself  as you really are and that you feel good in your skin.

Elements of self image
 Self image can be pretend as three types
- The way a person perceive or think of him/herself
- The way a person interprets others perception (what the  others think of himself)
- The way a person would like to be (his ideal self)

Dimensions of persons Self Image

1) Physical Dimension-: 
it is some thing that how a person evaluate his or her Appearance all over. The body parts, the nose, face, hand , skin complexion etc. When a person self image towards physical is good then it's his/her postive self Image. What his/her evaluation towards physical is negative, its too bad for  his/her to overcome it. So it's good to be pretend your self image postive.

2) Phycological Dimension-:
Its something how  an individual personality and how an Individual pretend herself/himself as her/his overall personality.

3) Intellectual Dimension-:
How a person  evaluate his/her Intelligence

4)Skill Dimension-:it's how a person evaluate his/her social and technical skills. 

5)Moral Dimension-:
It's about how an individual evaluates his/her values and principles.

6) sexual Dimension-:
How a person feels he/she fits into a society's masculine/Feminine Norms

What is postive Self Image-:
 The characteristics of positive self image are
- When an individual seeing attractive towards ownself
- Percieve Smart/intelligent 
- Seeing happy, Healthy
- Believing that you are at least some what close to your ideal version of you
- think that others also Percieve you as you are think yourself

What is negative Self Image-:
The characteristics of Negative Self image Person are as follows
- Pretend self as Unattractive
- Pretend self as Unintelligent/ Stupid
- unhappy/ unhealthy
- believing that you are nothing
- Percieve that others think the above of you

Impact of postive self Image-: p
Positive  self image can make you more comfortable, can motivate you , can give you postive reinforce towards your career.

Impact of Negative self Image-: 
-  Negative self image make you low confidence, it will brake your self esteem and increase your stress. low self image can be a reason for Depression. 

 - Negative Self image  can be responsible for a Disorder called  ( BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder ). This Disorder will Ditached you from the reality. Then it can cause a serious Emotional & Psychologycal problems.

- Person having DBB nature can dislike any part of their body. They can for hurting themselves too.

- they comapir they body with other's. They go for surgery too.

- they feel unstable in career  plans goals and aspirations

Conclusion/ sugession-:

- First self love is very the way you are. Don't go for outsider first love your self
- Ask your self who you are what your want to became. Evaluate yourself positively and then work for your weekness.

- focus on postive work

- Express your feeling with your family members, friends, partner etc

- Get involved into physical activity

- Do some yoga and meditation to improve your inner peace.

- Do practice your interest/hobbies

- Seek mental help from professional


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