Why Should We Hire You?

How many of us can remember the questions which were asked during our interview? Have we ever tried to ponder upon those frequently asked questions? We know very well that these questions matter a lot. A satisfactory answer to these questions can land you a job for sure.it is observed that many of the candidates respond to the questions  Why should we hire you?" in the following ways.
  1. You should hire me because I am a smart and hard worker.
  2. I am confident and more enthusiastic.
  3. Because I have the ability to solve the most difficult problem. 
  4. I can be greatly helpful for the organization hence should be hired.
Why should we hire you? you may have heard these questions from your interviewer many times on many platforms. It sounds very familiar and easy but it actually a tricky question. Before I began to get into the subject, I do have a few questions for you which will help you in validating your stand on it.
  1. Have you ever asked yourself why should somebody hire you?
  2. Have you ever been confident of your self of having saleable characteristics?
  3. What makes you qualify for every interview?
If you have the answer to these questions you may perhaps be able to answer convincingly to the questions "why should we hire you?" if not probably you are not able to sensibly comprehend the answer to these questions and you will sound unclear to your thought and less convincing while answering to the interviewer. You need to make out your mind to make a unique answer and that should make you stand out from the crowd. Very often your selection is based on the answer to the same questions. Let us refer to the example answers on how you can effectively answer the questions. To give a better answer to these questions your answer must contain the following attributes.  
  1. Your relevant working experience.
  2. Your relevant academic qualification
  3. Your training and education
  4. Your relevant skills and competencies 
  5. Your  previous job accomplishment
  6. And what more can you do for the organization?
Example Answer -1 Why should we hire you?

Situation- You are working as a program coordinator for a project and you applied for the new job for the same position with a higher salary. How would you respond to the questions? Let's see.
You should hire me because,I have had similar job expereince in my previous organization over the years and I have learnt a lot, which can be highly relevant for the positon.I have worked for the same roles in my previous organization and was managing the project team.I do have experience of project formulation also incharge of orver all implementation of the same.I have been very committed and given 100% to my previous organizatons.And those expereince enabled me to understand my streagnth. If Iam given chances to  work with you I am sure I can make significnt contribution to the organizations".
Example Answer -2 Why should we hire you?) 

Let's assume you are a recent graduate and do not have work experience. In these cases, if you are asked the same question why should we hire you? how would you respond? let us see the demo answer.
"I was looking forward to the similar kind of opportunites in a renowned orgaization like yours.I do have necessary qualifications and soft skills.Having graduated from the top university of Odisha which are mentioned in my resume, has provided plaftform for self and professional development .However, I am theortically more grounded  and clear .Apart from this, I had expereince of  field research,survey work and a good team leader of my  university.I am  well versed with soft and techinical skills  and also have command over written communication,which are the requiremnt of this positions.I assure you that my skills and knowledge will incorporate values to the oranization.This is why I feel  you should  hire me .
Example Answer -3 Why should we hire you?

Situation- Let's think for a while, you are an Operational Manager in your organization and are called for an interview for the post Program Manager. How would you answer the question? Why should we hire you?" let's see the possible answer. 
Well I have gone through the job description and I found that my profile is meetig all your requirement.Honestely I possess relevant educations and necessary skills that you are looking for.You may have learnt from my candidature that I do have 4 years of experince in the same roles.I was responsible for grant management,funder reporting,coordinating project ,planning ,implementation and its reivew,liaising with government and private agencies,On other hand, I am self motivated person and try to exceeds the expectation of my supervisor.However I have skills like strong verbal and  wriiten communication, I am competent at microsoft office and google Suite.Ability to host and facilitate various organizational  meetng and conferenc.Most importantly I could able to speak 3 regional and five international lagnuage that you can see from my resume.And also  have  five years of project execution experience. I am very sure that my candidatuer is absolutely relevant to the post ,therefore I should be hired ."
 Tips for composing your answer.
  • The best way to prepare your answer to the questions is to read the job description properly. Underline and understand the job requirements.
  • Comprehend and figure out your eligibility.
  • List your strengths, skills, and experience to compose your answer. 
  • Make a suitable draft of this answer containing your present job, experience, skills, achievements, and what you can do factors. 
  • Practice as often as you can. Make sure you don't sound robotic. Every time you practice your answer do add or change the style of your answer so that your answer will not sound like a memorized version.
  • Do mini research to fit your answer and to make it more appealing and acceptable.
Tips for answering the questions
  • Put an effort to normalize your gesture while answering the questions. Do not try to be very smart.
  • You are encouraged, not to talk more. Make your answer by highlighting the required elements and their relevance to the job you are applying for. Speaking more can make you fall into questions trapped and you may not able to give a pleasant answer. 
  • Do not desperate rather convey healthy enthusiasm.
  • Stay honest with your answer and be always prepared to counter the next questions.
Tips to avoid some topics while answering the question.
  • Do not indicate that you are coming for the job for a salary.
  • Do not show too much positivity from your side and desperation for this job. 
  • Do not sound like poppet as if you have rehearsed for the  interview 
Last Words.

Be yourself and make good preparation. Workout on your skills and competent characteristics to make your every interivew better and better. All the best   


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