How to follow up after your job interview

When you appear for an interview you seem to be more optimistic and nervus as well, but thank God your interview got over and you did not even know how the time passed by. But the real problem starts thereafter when you have no idea of "What is NEXT" after the interview. Although your interview went good, nevertheless the doubt on your selection for the post is high. Many of us have failed to work out after the interview. Once the interview gets over we remain silent and do not give much effort for it and as usually switch over to the next job application. The habit of being silent after the interview can make the interviewer miss out our candidature. And the interviewer likely to have forgotten us. That is why we never receive any response from the recruiter. If getting a response from the recruiter is delayed then you are encouraged to follow up on your process.Promote yourself as much as possible. Getting in touch with the organization after your interview is said to be a follow-up. There are different levels to follow up after the post-interview. Let's discuss it one by one.

Thanksgiving email.
Do you find it crazy to send a thanksgiving email to the employer? For some, it may be unusual practice as they have never been to it. Perhaps you have never felt the importance of sending a thanks note to your interviewer. Thanksgiving email can help the interviewer to rethink about you.A Thank you note does more than just appreciating the HR or the organization. Sending thanks email is considered to be the expression of gratitude and etiquette of professional communication. It has several benefits. The following are the core advantages of sending a thank you note.
  • It demonstrates you are interested in the post.
  • It establishes a professional network with the organization.
  • It represents how mature a professional you are.
  • It reflects your personality and mindset 
You can compose a thank you note as per your circumstances. You may refer the following demo

2-Follow Up Email 

 An inquiry email is known as a follow-up email. It is the second step for pursuing your candidature. Follow up mail plays significant roles in the decision-making process of the recruitment. When you realised you have not been intimated by the organization and  have no idea about the status of the interview, here you are required to send a follow-up email. This might help you to get a call for the next interview or may eventually get an offer letter. A well-crafted thoughtful follow-up email can actually create an impression about yourself. Let's see at general follow up email sample and learn how it can be written.

3- Telephonic call (Final Follow up) 
You may have questions in your mind, is making a telephonic call a good idea? it is apparently seen that job seekers are often hesitant to make a call after the interview process get's over. A survey was conducted that  56% HRs agree a telephonic call is an appropriate follow-up method for any job you applied. The telephonic call seems a very personal way of follow up and very quick and easy communication. What you have to say in the telephonic follow-up call few points are mentioned below. 
  • Greet and Introduce yourself.  
  • Convey the position you are been interviewed for.
  • Ask for a response or the status of the interview.
  • Thanks and close up.
Final  Recommendation 
Follow up is must important process, it shows how serious you are for the job and how you are dealing with it. Follow up can be used as tools for drawing the attention of the interviewers. It is about how you are skilled at making things happen for you. 

Just refer to the survey.
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