Progam Manager Cover Letter sample

Writing a cover letter for any job has become an absolute requirement for job applicants. Without a cover letter, the candidature of the candidate seems to be incomplete. Writing a program manager cover letter requires meticulous attention to the information provided in the job description. The position of a program manager is appeared to be a top-level job. Hence writing program manager cover letter needs special attention. 

While drafting a cover letter to be sure to refer to the job description. In your cover letter, it is encouraged to use of the most relevant information which may help your employer to notice your candidature why you are fit for the position.

Cover letter for Program Manager sample-1

Dear HR Manager,(Name)

I am writing to apply for the position of Program Manager which is posted on your website. Being an experienced management professional finds it privilege to apply for the position. I am very excited and eager to make use of talents and experience to run and manage the project of your organization as per the description of the job.

During the previous roles at the organization (Name of the organization) as a program manager, I worked on multiple projects and was in charge of two programs (Name the project)I developed a process and implementation strategies to implement and complete the project on time. I could able to manage all the programs of my previous organization and received appreciation and reward for my work and achievement on a similar profile.

My experience of working with various projects such as Women Financial Inclusion, Self-help promoting institution management, strengthening the public institution has taught me strategies of project implementation and the process of multiple projects at hand. My knowledge and experience will help in developing multiple project plans and can drow the attention of funding agencies. 

I would thank you for taking the time to read my candidature, I am looking forward to knowing more about the Program Manager Position. I believe and hope my skills and experience as a program manager will be a significant asset for your organization and team. I am continued to work with dedication and committed to bringing the desired results in your organization.


Cover letter for program manager sample-2

Dear Hiring Manager,

With reference to your post advertisement in the leading newspaper( Name of the newspaper) dated, for the position Program Manager.As an experienced professional, willing to apply for the same.My experience and current roles both align with your requirement. I am very confident that my candidature is meeting all your needs and requirements and I can make a significant addition to the organization.

Over the 5 years of experience in the development sector on the same roles, I am accomplished with diverse experience and functionality which includes project development, corporate training, project management, fundraising, finance, and MIS  and implementation. 

My present roles enabled and prepared me for the position by developing a foundation of dealing and managing different issues. I undertake filed visit to the state and various district for the implementation of different policy and programs along with community engagement,I support in undertaking operational research and impact assessment study.

On this ground I certain that my candidature can be relevant for the position you are looking for. Please review my resume for additional details regarding my qualification and achievements. I will welcome and thankful if I can be called for an interview and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your consideration.



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