Checklist Before Going For a Regular PhD Program

Some of you may have thought of applying for a regular PhD program this year, and you are making a  visit to various university portal for the latest  Phd admission notification. Joining a PhD Program is not as easy as we predict. It takes years to get the degree and requires lots of intellectual exercises to accomplish it.  The PhD degree is considered to be the most admirable degree in the world. Doctor of philosophy is the highest university degree and awarded by almost all the universities of the globe. If you wish to go for a PhD degree you may have to take the following checklist point into your consideration and personal introversion.
  1. Getting Ready With The Research Proposal. ( Synopsis )
  2. Getting  Ready With Complete CV and Documents. 
  3. Getting Ready for the Entrance Exam and Personal interview.
  4. Getting ready with your reference or recommendation letter.
  5. Ensuring Funding option for your PhD.
1-Getting ready with your research proposal (Synopsis)
You are advised to come up with a fine research proposal that is fundamentally required for any PhD application. Universities do ask applicants to submit their research proposal along with other requirements details. Having ready with the research proposal actually makes the application process easy and complete without further delay. Once you get the research proposal done than get it checked by your teacher or supervisor. The same research proposal helps you to make multiple Ph.D. applications.
2-Getting ready with your complete CV and Documents.
Although you are submitting an online application nevertheless you may be asked to submit a comprehensive resume. Your application details and resume may help the universities and institutions to properly administer their Management Information System (MIS) due to the large volume of applications. You are also advised to get ready with your all necessary academic documents you may be asked to upload the same  
3-Getting ready for the entrance exam and personal interview.
Once you submit the application, you are sure to get an intimation for the entrance exam. Some universities exempt applicants from appearing entrance test if they have qualified UGC NET. However, it is wiser to be ready for the entrance test even though you are qualified UGC NET as some universities mandates entrance exam to all the applicants who either cleared NET or not cleared. Scoring well at the entrance exam intensifies chances of getting shortlisted for a personal interview where your research proposal may play a bigger role.
4-Getting ready with your reference or recommendation letter.
A recommendation letter for the PhD program is an important document for the admission process. The recommendation letter is absolutely needed if you are applying for a PhD at a foreign university. Some universities do not ask for a letter of recommendation, however, you should ready with it to produce whenever you are asked to submit the same.
Ensuring funding options for your Ph.D.
Ph.D. is not just a course its an academic journey. It takes a minimum of 5 years to complete the degree. Before you go for Ph.D. you need to ask yourself the following questions.
  1. Do you have reliable financial sources to fund your PhD?
  2. Are you eligible to receive any scholarships from government or private?  
  3. Can you manage yourself with the minimum financial support from hosting universities/Institution( Institutional Fellowship) 
If you have the answer to the above questions then going for PhD will never be a bad idea. You are encouraged to make an inquiry about whether the hosting university or institutions have the provisions of providing institutional scholarship /Fellowship or not. If you get all things ready at your kit then the application for PhD will never be called a  misfire attempt.

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