Apply for Diploma in Community Based Participatory Action Research and Advocacy"

Closing date 15th June 2020

The Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) was established on February 15, 2006, with the objective of providing training for adult learners in the areas of expertise in the Institute. The CLL was earlier known as the Department of Extra Mural Studies, which was established in 1981.

About the couuse

Recognized by the Centre of Lifelong Learning and Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), it fosters PUKAR’s core principles of empowering communities by involving youth in the change-making process and bears semblance to the principles that TISS as an institution is also anchored on. This collaboration gives youth the opportunity to be validated by two significant research institutions. Through this proposed model, we wish to continue involving youth cutting across socio-economic-cultural hierarchies and enable them to use research as a means to stand between policy and practice. The course uses experiential learning and participatory pedagogies to make learning more effective and transforming. Thus, the course has a flexible design which aims at the inclusion of adult learners who come from diverse backgrounds and offers multiple exits at different stages. In short, the course will be offered in a ladder manner, starts from Certificate level to a Diploma, the learner will have the option to exit after earning a ‘Certificate degree’ in one semester (Theory) or a ‘Diploma degree’ after successful completion of a 2 semesters (Theory and Research Submission).

Key benefits to participants*:

  1. The course provides skills-based approach to theoretical concepts of community-based participatory research
  2. Credit point system of the course adds to the academic rigour
  3. Joint certification by PUKAR and TISS-CL
How to apply 
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