Why is your resume not shortlisted?

It's been more than a month you have not received any single email from the recruiter. You have been applying for various jobs and also have had a telephonic inquiry for the same. Nevertheless, not a single response you did receive. Now you become so desperate to know what might have happened. You gradually become more tensed and become worried that why your resume is not been selected. However, have you personally taken this matter seriously? If not please look into this matter and workout. Something may have gone wrong with your resume, therefore let's understand the following possible reasons why your resume is not shortlisted.
  1. The cover letter and resume are unmatched.
  2. Unclear resume summary or resume objective 
  3. The length of your resume
  4. Unorganized resume sections.
  5. Full of text and less articulation.
  6. Excessive use of buzzwords and traditional keywords
  7. Technically Poor Resume.
1-The cover letter and resume are unmatched.
You may have made the tall claim in your cover letter but your resume could not stand with it. The mismatch information can lead to confusion and vagueness. Mismatch information in your resume can create a negative impression. You claim something else in your cover letter whereas your resume tells a different story. We take the utmost care while drafting a cover letter but often ignore the importance of customizing the resume according to the intent of the cover letter.
2- Unclear Resume Summary or Resume objective.
A resume summary can be understood as a short paragraph and primarily written on the top of the resume. This brief summary of the information represents your entire resume. This is why your summary should be technically more adequate and fit with your resume information. Making use of fallacious words and unnecessary sentences can kill the intention of your summery. Many of us often think that making use of impressive vocabularies can help to make an impression but this notion said to have been erroneous. A paragraph of the complex and vague summary statement may also be the reason for not letting your resume for further consideration.
3-The Lenth of your resume.
Resumes are not a report they hardly need a maximum of two pages. But this key importance is ignored by many of us. We tend to make a resume of many pages. A lengthy resume generally fails to capture the attention of the recruiter, and a prospective employer may not spend more time on our resume unless it is eye convincing. Hevey and lengthy resumes are often sidelined as they consume the productive time of an employer. 
4-Unorganized Resume Section.
Making use of the same resume for multiple job applications without even customizing it can let the reader less interested. The unorganized section of your resume indicates that you are not serious about the position you applied for. Making the right and the relevant section in your resume can actually serve the purpose of your resume. Unorganized sections of your resume fail to meet the requirement of the employer.
5-Resume with full of text and less articulation.
Some of us are customizing resume as if we are writing an easy of ourself. We write so much on our resume that we fail to particularize the required information. An employer spends little time on resume and decides in a moment how sound and suitable our resume is.
6-Excessive use of buzzwords and Traditional keyword.
Resume having many buzzwords and traditional keyword can actually cause damage to the originality of the candidates. I mean to say that the candidate literally borrows words from outsides and fixes it in the resume. Few examples. Hard worker, Strategic Thinker, Result-driven these words are very sophisticated and fashionable, Those words are now outdated and do not serve a sense of practicality. Decorating your resume information with your fancy words with no substances can serve no value to your application.
7-Technically Poor Resume.
Some resumes are not shortlisted just because they are not technically well crafted. Making use of inappropriate resume templates, inadequate font size, misplace of the image, too many paragraphs, wrong text alignments, grammar and spelling error are the major reasons for making your resume technically poor.
Despite having relevant qualifications and experience you are not called for an interview, it means something went wrong in your resume. Hence I encourage you to consider the above points while tailoring resumes. Please do not forget, resume defines our personality.

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