Why Is Career Must Important Than A Job

Job and career do not mean the same thing. Both exceptionally carry out different forms of application in our daily life. Both help us to make money and run our family. Generally, the two words are vigorously used to convey the same meaning and are often misunderstood by almost all of us. Here I want to make clear that Job and Career are not the same concepts of our professional life. Both impact significantly on our daily routine. The entire writings will highlight their importance and differences. After having a  productive conversation with so many working professionals I have decided to write some of the takeaway elements in this topic which are reflected in the writing. Let's get started with the questions.

What is the job?

  1. A job is an activity often regular or often performed in exchange for payment.
  2. The job can be full or part-time. You might get hourly wages or monthly wages as salary. 
  3. Companies and organizations expect their employee to perform their roles in the exchange of regular wages.
  4. It can be understood as a short term contract and agreement between employee and employer to perform a certain type of job on the condition of regular or daily payment.
  5. It can be any works that help us to earn.

2. What is a career?

  • Career is more than just employment.
  • Career is a long term professional journey.
  • Career is the course of life that encompasses educational, social, economical endeavor to make life better. 
  • A career is composed of a series of jobs and works accomplished over a long period of time, rather than referring to one position.
  • Career is the embodiment of long term vision of life rather than just earning.
  • A career may last for entire life.
I do have 3 reasons to tell you why is the career better than a job.

1-Career gives stable,secure, and lasting mode of earning. 

  •  A long term goal and vision of life enrich the social and economic life of a person. Commencing employment on a particular field with specialization and training said to be contributing stable life and secure earning. 
  • As far as the job is concerned, it does not serve the long term as it is largely driven by money-making orientation. A person may change jobs frequently if he gets offered more salaries which may sometime result in job dissatisfaction, and cause social distance.

2-Career Builds Social Reputation.

  • Going for a career and successfully managing it may engineer social reputation. A person having a successful career and gets retirement is likely to have a better social reputation than the person having a job. Although the person who does Job and manage to make a quick impression in society but failed to establish self-actualization in society.

3- It provides constructive experience and satisfying life.

Going on the path of career-making may take a long time, requires immense devotion, and discipline in life. Certainly, it yields the result of giving satisfaction and impressive career experience. Frequently changing jobs and running after a job only for earning may destabilize life. Many testify that having worked for a career has incredibly transformed their lifestyle and made them satisfied.

Final Thought 

We should not forget to note that when it is about a career, people seem to be more attentive towards job satisfaction and security rather than money. Career is something that persons interested in doing it by investing their time by following a dream and aspiration. People with career orientation are found to be more visionary, hard worker and restless.  Never give up attitudes are reflected in their work. I hope this blog may have been informative to you.

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