The FIVE Impact factor of qualifying UGC NET Exam

The common aspiration of every student for appearing or qualifying the UGC NET exam is either to become an assistant professor or to get a fellowship from the government for higher studies. Apart from the two absolute advantages, the other impact aspects related to qualifying the UGC NET exam are unnoticed and unrealized. Nobody perhaps chose to speak on those aspects. Le's discuss other powerful impact aspects of qualifying the NET Exam. Qualifying NET exam not only makes someone eligible for an assistant professor or to make eligible to get a scholarship but it serves different narratives to the career of a candidate. The following impact factors are the product of my own experience and some may not agree with my argument as it may sound very superficial   Let's discuss those five powerful impact factors of qualifying the NET Exam. You can also read  career Scope after  UGC NET exam 
  1. Its adds values to the candidature of a candidate 
  2. It creates an academic impression 
  3. It brands the career 
  4. It opens up multi-sectoral career opportunities 
  5. it builds social reputation and social impression.

1. It adds value to your candidature.

Once you qualify the NET Exam it automatically adds an edge to your career. Although you may not be able to determine your future employment other than the academic job. Nevertheless, it germinates and boost self-confidence and redefine your aspiration and hope. You have qualified a National Level examination and you are officially eligible for an assistant professor at any universities or educational institutions of our country. It also helps you to be exempted from appearing Ph.D. level entrance test of some university. Getting selected in regular Ph.D. at any university is highly possible if you have been qualified. In every front of the application, the credential of having qualified NETworks out significantly.

2-It creates an academic impression. 

Having qualified UGC NET indeed creates an academic impression. As you are officially eligible to become an Assistant Professor. It helps you to stand out from the crowd. You get an immediate notice from the recruiter who recruits for an academic position. you are been looked upon as guy with academic excellence and equally meritorious. You are been considered and given priorities to your applications.

3-It brands the career 

The word  Branding may sound very overstatement but it actually has deep relevance to it. Once you are NET qualified it automatically grades your career. Your candidature may be seen as a potential application for different sorts of jobs. No matter when did you qualify NET, having mentioned the same in your CV empowers you to be persuasive, supplicative and compelling for sure. Whoever goes through your candidature may like to become appreciative and will not take the CV lightly.

4-It opens up multi-sectoral career opportunities 

It is for absolutely sure that qualifying UGC NET makes you eligible for starting an impressive academic career. It not only does open for teaching jobs but helps you to start your career in the various sector, for example, Teaching, Research, Academic Administration, Publication House, development sector You can switch over to the medical field as well.

5- it builds social reputation and social impression.

You may have witnessed the unprecedented responses of your schools and villagers to the one who scores well in the 10th board exam or any competitive established exam. The entire school faculties and villagers came forward to appreciate the achievements of the student. Instantly, it becomes the topic of discussion for a couple of weeks. Very often the same student's name is referred by your parents when you do not excel in the exam and are offended. What does the narrative mean to us? It actually means, you qualify any highly acclaimed examination your achievement can influence society and you are now recognized , appreciated, respected and awarded as well. Your fellow students and juniors can take you as a role model. It is about social reputation and an impression. Similarly, when you qualified UGC NET, you are acknowledged, accepted, looked upon as a meritorious student. On this ground, I say it builds social reputation and impression.


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