Career Scope and Specializations in Social Work

Social Work is a course and a professional service and a recent origin, hence many young graduates and the general public have no idea about the course and it's a diverse field of employment opportunities. Social Work as an academic discipline has begun to receive social acceptance and academic recognition after the establishment of the  Sir Dorabji Tata Graduate School of Social Work in the year 1936  which was later renamed as Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS) However, social work as a discipline and profession managed to have received an unprecedented welcomed response in the 21st centuries. The evidence of the fact is widespread in the course and proliferation of educational institutions over the world. The following questions may navigate to know career scope and specializations in social work. Let's get started.
  1. What is the study of social work courses?
  2. What are the degrees available in social work?
  3. What are the specializations available in Social Work?
  4. What are the career and employment scope in social work?

1-What is the study of social work courses?

Social work is an academic discipline and profession. It deals with the problems of individuals, groups, communities, and society altogether through scientific methods and applications. It aims to bring social change and promote social development. The courses are offered at various levels and taught in various educational institutions and universities.

2-What are the degrees available in social work?

If you are willing to pursue an education in social work or like to obtain a certificate in social work you may go for the following degrees. Social Work degree commences from the Bachelor's level. Look at the following levels of social work degrees.
  1. Bachelor in Social Work ( Graduate Course)
  2. Master in Social Work (Post Graduation Course)
  3. Bachelor of Science in Social Work ( BSSW)
  4. Diploma In Socia Work
  5. Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW)
  6. Master of Science in Social Administration)
  7. Master of Social Sevice ( MSS)
  8. Doctor in Social Work (DSW)
  9. Mphil and Ph.D. ( Doctorate Degree in Social Work )

3-What are the specializations available in Social Work?

 You can start your career by taking the following specialization in social work.
  1. Community Social Work 
  2. Social and  Community development.
  3. Women's empowerment and child development.
  4. Public health and sanitation
  5. Human rights and social legislation.
  6. Advocacy and community organization
  7. Human resources development. 
  8. Industry and correctional setting.
  9. Disaster management and eco-social work. 
  10. Livelihood and entrepreneurship.
  11. Social assistance and financial inclusion.
  12. Social policies and social inclusion.
  13. Criminology and correctional administration.
  14.  Industrial relations and labor welfare.
  15. Urban and rural development.
  16. Personnel Management and labor welfare.
  17. Disability and mental health.
  18. Clinical Social Work 
  19. Social Work Administration

Social Work Employment Practice Field 

There are a number of fields in the social work course,  in which employment is possible.You can choose your field as per your choice and specialization.
  1. Education& School social work 
  2. Child  and Women Welfare 
  3. Rural Development 
  4. Family Services 
  5. Health Care & Sanitation
  6. Criminal Justice& Corrections
  7. Mental Health & Clinical Social Work 
  8. Employment & Occupational Social Work 
  9.  Gerontology 
  10. Public Health & Welfare
  11. Correction and Social Justice 
  12. Human Rights 
  13. International Social Work
  14. Administration and Management
  15. Advocacy and community organization 
  16. Developmental Disabilities 
  17. Mental Health substance abuse social work 
  18. Policy and Planning of Social Work 
  19. Social Work Research 

Employment Sector after Social Work Degree

  1. Government 
  2. Private 
  3. Corporate 
  4. Academic 
  5. Self Employment 
You can refer to the above sectoral opportunities here

4-What are the career and employment scope in social work?

After obtaining a degree in social work, you can be eligible to work in the following  places
  1. NGO
  2. VNGO
  3. International organization
  4. Foundation 
  5. Bank 
  6. CSR Bodies 
  7. Government Departments 
  8. Governmental Welfare Programs 
  9. Cooperatives
  10. Farmer Producer Organization 
  11. HR Consultancies 
  12. Private and Government Hospitals
  13. Private and Government Schools 
  14. Corporates Companies 
  15. Legal Service Agencies 
  16. Adoption Agencies 

What can you become after social work?

  1. Social Worker
  2. Medical Social Worker
  3. Probation Officer 
  4. HR Manager 
  5. Coordinator 
  6. Program Manager 
  7. Program Coordinator 
  8. School Social Worker 
  9. Counselor 
  10. Psychiatric Social Worker
  11. Medical Social Work 
  12. Administrator 
  13. Office Administrator
  14. Assistant Professor 
  15. Professor 
  16. Educator 
  17. Grant Writer 
  18. Social Case Worker 
  19. Research Officer 
  20. Village Development Officer
  21. Community Development Facilitator 
  22. Legal Advisor 
  23. Human Right Consultant 
  24. Project Coordinator 
  25. Project Director
  26. State Coordinator 
  27. Clinical Social Work
  28.  Students Welfare Officer 
  29. Fund Raiser 
  30. HR executives 
  31. Policies Writer 
  32. Trainer 


Social Work is a multi-dimension and multi-sectoral career-oriented course. It is no more seen to be the course of social service and philanthropic activities. It is a course and profession of bringing social change and social development. The employment opportunities in the social work sector are on the rise and skyrocketing. Hence going for social work education will be highly encouraged.

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