Career Scope and Specialization in Political Science

Many students may not have much information about career scope in political science. Some of us are less convinced about the opportunities that political science can offer.  The wide range of scope of employment opportunities after political science is always been there. If you are the one who is very much interested in the socio-political matter of your country and always been remain as a regular talker about political affairs in your conversation, pursuing a course in political science could be a better option. The entire article will answer the following frequently asked questions.
  1. What is the study of political science?
  2. What are the degrees available in political science?
  3. What is the specialization in political science?
  4. What are the employment opportunities after political science?

1-What is the study of political science?

Political science is a course about studying politics and power. It is very often called politology. It deals with the system of governance and the analysis of political activities. It embodies the study of political thought, ideas, ideologies, government, diplomacy institution, political process, law, strategies, social affairs of national and international, etc.

2-What are the degrees available in political science?

Political science degrees are offered at the following levels.
  1. Graduate degree in Political Science
  2. Postgraduate degree in Political Science
  3. Associate Degree in Political Science 
  4. Mphil and Ph.D. in Political Science 
  5. Diploma in Political Science 

3 What are the specializations in Political Science?

If you are pursuing post-graduation in political science,you may go for the following specialization to make your career more focused and career-oriented. You are advised to prefer the following areas as your research intrest.
  1. Normative political theory and philosophy
  2. Political behavior and Identity 
  3. Political Institution
  4. Political Economy 
  5. Political Methodology 
  6. Security, peace, and conflict
  7. International relation
  8. Comparative Political System
  9. International Affairs Specialization
  10. Pre Law Specialization
  11. Public Service Specialization
  12. Global Governance.
  13. Public Policies 
  14. Global Politics 

4-What are the employment opportunities after political science 

After completion of the degree in political science, you will have a wide range of career scope. Following are the areas where students of political science can go for a career.
  1. Government 
  2. Private 
  3. International Organization
  4. Media Houses 
  5. Political Party 
  6. Corporates Organization
  7. Education agencies 
  8. Legal Agencies 
  9. Management Consultancies 
  10. Health Care

Job opportunities after a political science degree

  1. Public Relation Officer
  2. Professor 
  3. School Teacher 
  4. Researcher
  5. Political Columnist 
  6. Political Analyst 
  7. Political Spokesperson
  8. Social Media Manager
  9. Political Consultant 
  10. Administrator 
  11. Intelligent Analyst 
  12. Political Campaigner
  13. Business Intelligence Manager
  14. Post Secondary Instructor 
  15. News Producer 
  16. Reporter
  17. Political Scientist 
  18. Operational Manager
  19. Administration Coordinator
  20. Call Center Supervisor 
  21. Office Manager 
  22. Warehouse Manager
  23. Admission Manager
  24. Environmental Politics 


Various degrees in Political Science automatically unluck potential career opportunities in different sectors. The career scope of specialization in Political Science is very dynamic and career-oriented. Hence going for a Political Science degree will never be a bad idea. There are a number of institutions and global universities where you can obtain a degree in Political Science.


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