Is changing job a good Idea ?

Is changing job  a good idea ? Very often this question hits our mind. Before I start discussing about it I may ask you few questions to relate this writing.If the following questions matter to you,than you could comprehend why changing job is a good idea.

1-How long have you been in the same job?

2-Is your take home salaries commensurated with your experience?
3-Do you see lasting career in the same organization?
4-Do you find your present job interesting and satisfactory?
5-Do money,career, progress in life  matter to you?

Whatever your answer may have been to this questions,it has been observed that changing job can be a good idea for adding more benefits to your career. However,there was a time,changing jobs frequently were seen to be negative decision. But now that is no longer the same  case.Today's employment environment has significantly changed.You not only have the alternative to your career; you can even change your job domain without any hesitation. I will tell you the  best reasons why changing job is a good idea.

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1- Salary Growth.

Carefully changing job can boost in your salary growth.This is considered to be a popular reasons for switching job. Your present organization may not pay you what you deserve .It may be due  to the size of the organization,its budget ,business, or may be  due to your performance. Working for the organization for many years with the same salary may severely affect your future salar intake. Some studies shows that changing job can make you more confident and comfortable in negotiating your payment what you worth for.

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2. More new experience

Changing job may offer you new experiences in your kit. New organization,new work culture,new challenges ,new opportunities will make you more optimistic and a doer.It will not only give you just an experience but enables you to think beyond the roles and enhance your workplace working skills.In this process gradual new experience can be an instrumental to boost your self confidence.

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3-Enhance working efficiencies.

Your style of working may be influenced by the new organization work culture. You may have to work on new clients, technologies,business building, corresponding liasoning,public engagement service,research ,policy formulation, marketing, etc. New mode of work cultures of the organization and your job description will redefine your work style and efficiencies. 

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4- Large professional Network 

The size of your professional network depends on how frequently you change your job and the degree of your interpersonal relationship with your past  and present colleagues. You should have good network of professional people around you.What I mean to say, when you work for more organization you work with more people and working and knowing more people opens the ways to many professional opportunities. 

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Last Words

Frequency in changing job will decide the benefits for your career. Candidate with more job changes records may give bad test to the employers. A careful and  well planned decision for changing  job can add advantage for the career.Once again I ask , is  changing job a good idea? I would say " YES"

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