Career Scope and Specialization in Sociology

Students are often found to be tensed and worried about their careers when they are failed to know career opportunities for their course and disciplines they are pursuing. Students with no knowledge about his/her course future advantage are likely to develop a sense of insecurity. and remain uncertain. Hence it is advisable for every student and scholar to be informed about the career prospects of their discipline. Before we begin to discuss career scope and specialization in Sociology if you have the following questions the entire passage will be informative for you.
  1. What is sociology?
  2. What are the sociology degrees available?
  3. What are the areas of specialization?
  4. Where can I work after sociology
  5. What are the job roles?

1-know Sociology 

Sociology is a  subject, discipline, and social science.which is offered and taught as a subject under the academic discipline all over the world. The emergence of sociology as an academic discipline was started in the united state. In 1876 William Grahm Summer taught the first course titled Sociology in the United State. Since then the career, scope, and specialization in sociology have gone through programmatic changes and development over the centuries.

2-What are the sociology degrees available for me?

  1. Associate degree in sociology 
  2. Bachelor of Sociology
  3. Diploma in Sociology
  4. Master of Sociology
  5. PhD of sociology

3-What are the areas of specialization?

If you are persuing post graduation in Sociolgoy,you may go for the following specialization to make your career more focused and career oriented.You are advised to prefer the following areas as your research intrest.
  1. Aging and life course.
  2. Ethnography
  3. Comparative and historical sociology
  4. Biology and Society 
  5. Economic Sociology 
  6. Education
  7. Culture
  8. Experimental Method
  9. Global and transactional sociology
  10. Social Psychology 
  11. Social Theories
  12. Stratification and inequality.
  13. Gender and Sexuality
  14. Class and Stratification
  15. Social Movement Politics and Social Change.

4-Where can I work after a sociology degree?

There is a multidimensional career scope after sociology. Career begins from local level governance to international organization. Following are the few areas where you can go for a career.
  1. Consultancies Agencies 
  2. Policies Making Institution
  3. Government organization
  4. International organization
  5. Legal Agencies.
  6. Academic Institution
  7. University
  8. Welfare Agencies
  9. Management Consultancies& Hospital 
  10. Criminology and criminal justice agencies 
  11. Central and state-level research institute.
  12. National and International Organization.

4-What can I   become after sociology?

Sociolgy can help you to aim for global job market without any hindrance if right preparation is made out. There are wide employment   scope  of opportunities for students you may refer to the following jobs roles for an idea.
  1. Research Analyst 
  2. Policy Maker
  3. Counselor 
  4. Academicians 
  5. Lecturer/Professor 
  6. Data Analysis 
  7. Research Officer
  8. Family Counsellor.
  9. Life coach 
  10. Newspaper Journalist 
  11. Administrators
  12. Probation officer 
  13. People relation officers 
  14. Media Planner.
  15. Sociologist
  16. Social Science Research Assistant 
  17. Students affair administrator 
  18. Developmental Professional 
  19. Public relation officer
  20. Market Research Analyst.
  21. Development Executive.
  22. Recreational Therapist 
  23. School Teacher


Various degrees in sociology automatically unluck potential career opportunities in different sectors. The career scope of specialization in sociology is very dynamic and career-oriented. Hence going for a sociology degree will never be a bad idea. There are a number of institutions and global universities where you can obtain a degree in sociology.


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