Lost Leaves-a parable of a tree

By Manoranjan Swain

Erstwhile, there was a defunct village. It was completely isolated and located in a dry area. People of that community are having very unnatural behavior for each other. Except, the brotherhood, respect, believe, values and acceptance they are living in that village. One day the leader of that village thought; if, it will continue in a long time then one day I might loss my position. So, he thought, before I loss it I should do something. Then he planned to plant a seed and of course one day it will become tree and with the help of that people might be changed, which idea he carried in his mind and he planted a seed and sprinkled some water. Gradually, the water came to the embryo and seed became sapling. Every day the leader sitting beside the tree with the community people and giving the lesson about the tree.

Gradually, people came out with a very positive behavior. And after a few days the sapling became a tree and people used to take the rest, fruits, woods and of course many more. Slowly, people used to love that tree. One day the community leader saw a lot of behavioral change took place in the people of that community. People are sharing love to each other, helping, brotherhood, believe, respect and acceptance. So, he was astonished to seen it and he thought if it will continue for a long time then I might loss my position. Then One day deliberately he cut all the branches of that tree. At last tree is there but no branches and leaves.

Once again people came to their past life but it was very bad then before. Because of that tree, a lot of positive change took place in that village and now people are not getting anything from that tree and they are not sitting under the tree, even no fruits and woods.

Ultimately, that affected the people and they started a new conflict, where they used these nuclear weapons such as: caste, religion, gender violence, domestic violence, rape, abuse and many more………………

The same situation happened in govt school, Katihar district, Bihar, India. Although, the school is there, infrastructure is there and teachers also are there but there is no such place where students and teachers are interacting. There was huge gap between teachers and students. The HM of the school was busy with buying vegetables for students, few teachers were busy with DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) and some were busy as Block Level Officer (BLO) and it was a big problem for rest of the teachers to handle the school. Ultimately, students are literate but not educated. 

Following are the important charterers of the blog
Village- illiterate people
Head of the community- Government
Tree- Teachers in the school
Although, tree (teachers of the school) is there but no branches (Teachers are busy with other work)

Mr.Manoranjan Swain (Gandhi Fellow)
Currently engaged in Gandhi Fellowship Program.
Has done MSW from Utkal University.

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