Conference on Transition and Transformation: Cities in Life, Literature and Culture

ORG- Kaash Foundation
Closing Date- 20th January, 2020

Kaash Foundation, a Mumbai based charitable trust dedicated to the areas of Education Environment Health and Heritage and University of Mumbai are jointly organising a one of its own kind International Multidisciplinary Conference on Transition and Transformation: Cities in Life, Literature and Culture, Mumbai Chapter.

It is the World Series on Global and Open Heritage.

Scholars and Activists are welcome to participate and present their research papers on the theme of Mumbai.

1-Mumbai in Life spaces
2-Mumbai and its representation in Literature
3-Mumbai from the Historical dimension
4-Role of Mumbai in the development of Urban Economy in India
5-Educational Development in Mumbai
6-Mumbai- Now and then
7-Niche Heritage of Mumbai
8-Mumbai: a Link between the Past and the Future
9-Mumbai in Films and Media
10-Mumbai: a Salad Bowl or a Melting Pot?
11-Mumbai – Cultural Amalgamation
12-Transformation of Mumbai: a City and/or a Space?
13-Mumbai and Eco-Sensitivity
14-Cultural Benchmarking of Mumbai (e.g. Dabbawalas)
15-Religious benchmarking of Mumbai (e.g. Warkaries)

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