Application Invited for Conference on Politics, Media and Environment

ORG- Pondicherry University
Closing Date- 5th February, 2020

Comparative studies in social sciences aim at understanding the comparative advantage and to explore the feasibility of adopting the factors contributing to the advantage. Contemporary developments in the global system reflect a shift from convergence development to the theory of multiple stages of attaining modernity.

As such countries especially the liberal democracies have adapted and acclimatised globalisation and consequently reforming and restructuring their societies and social values accordingly. Regardless of this level of gradation in the absorption of modernity and shaping collectivism, the increasing global environmental problems such as global warming and climate change has compelled states to tackle environmental problems in a concerted manner.

1-Environmental Issues, Mass media and Communication
2-The role of mass media and their policy advocacy role
3-Critique of Indian Media
4-The importance of promoting social values and ethics towards Environmental Conservation
5-National Governance and Global Mediation
6-Environmental Management of Global Commons, Common Property Resources
7-Public Policy and Environment
8-Environmental Politics
9-The linkages between Gender, Politics and Environment
10-Judicial Activism and Environmental Protection
11-Civil Societies, Non State Actors in the Conservation of Environment
12-Political Culture, participation related to Environmental Issues
13-Vulnerable population and their livelihood related linkages with Environmental Protection

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