Conference on Innovation Practices Effects and Issues at SGGU

ORG- SGGU, Vadodara
Closing Date- 15th January, 2020

SGG University (Shri Govind Guru University) invites call for papers for Conference on Innovation Practices Effects and Issues in Governance, Education, Management and Social Development on 26 Jan 2020.

1-Governance: Green Banking, Green Governance, Smart Cities for Sustainable Development, Waste Management, Digitalization in Governmental System, Good Governance Practices, Government different plan’s success and failures. Steps taken for development and Economical – Financial equality, Control on Private Sectors, Private Sectors policies for employees, Difference in wages and salary structures in Government Vs Private Sector, Rural Development plans, Public Grievance complains Acceptance and Issues, Defense system improvement.
2-Education: Applying Psychological Theories to Classroom Instruction, Inquiry-Based Instruction, Developments in Teacher Preparation, The Role of the Principal in Fostering Academic Achievement, Implementing Innovative Practices, Professional Development for Educators, Implementing Innovative Practices, Levels of Technology Implementation, Measuring Teacher Quality, Culturally Linguistically Diverse Students, School Culture.
3-Management: Employee engagement for social concern, Corporate governance and employee rights, capitalism, benefit corporations, zero-waste approaches, the post-capitalistic society, mindfulness, authentic and savoir-faire leadership, intellectual shamans, human flourishing and wellbeing in the workplace, happiness and even love in the workplace, poverty reduction, access to opportunity, sustainability, climate change, promoting social justice, anti corruption, organizational aesthetics, positive organizational psychology, diversity and inclusion, use of arts in humanizing management.
4-Social Development: Professional Development, Life Skills, Social skill development SocialEconomic Development, Government Policies and plans for Social Development, Working with Diverse Populations, Effects of Technology in Society, Benefits of Technology in Society, spirituality and religion effects.

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