Conference on Expanding Women’s role in Developing Technology

ORG- Shobhit University, Saharanpur
Closing Date- 31st January, 2020

Only 15 percent of the Indian research and development workforce are women, while the global average is 30 percent, says National Task Force on women in a science report. But, the magnitude of gender difference in science is quite significant in India. The picture is no different in science and technology teaching institutions.

Our objective is to Identify current gender gaps in participation in technology development, potential reasons behind these gaps, and solutions to bridge them, including making research grants conditional on recipient organizations instituting policies that work to level the playing field for women. Policy and Strategy for incorporating more women into technology sectors is likely to 1) increase productivity, 2) offers women a source of high-quality jobs, and 3) may have knock-on benefits for female consumers of technology.

Female Students/Researcher/Scientists /Academicians/Entrepreneur.

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