Application Invited for Conference on 21st Century Skills

ORG- Ambedkar University, Delhi
Closing Date- 31st January, 2020

Universities and colleges are bestowed upon the responsibility to revise their programs in order to equip students to face challenges posed by the new market demands.

It is within this background that the conference will seek to deliberate and discuss the theme of ’21 Century Skills: Implications for skill development programs’ and more focus on higher education levels. The Conference will provide an academic forum for the exchange of ideas, perspectives and experiences on challenges encountered during theorizing, planning, and implementation of such programs.

1-Conceptualizing 21 Century Skills: 4 ‘Cs’ (Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication: 4’Cs’ in professional development; Contextualising 4 ‘Cs’ in higher education
2-Pedagogical Framework of the 21 Century Skills: Institutionalizing 21 Century Skills; A paradigm shift in classroom transaction; Teacher Empowerment Programmes;
3-21 Century Skills and its linkages with Skill Development Programmes (Vocational Education): Identification of linkages with skill development process; Contextualising with Vocational education; 4’Cs in vocational pedagogy
4-Tools & Technology to support developing 21 Century Skills: Technological support to students for critical learning; Technology integration in the classrooms& OER practices; Researching 21 Century Skills

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