Application Invited for Vaishvik Annual Labour Conclave

ORG- TISS Mumbai
Closing Date- 31st January, 2020

The Centre for Labour Studies, TISS Mumbai is organising their annual labour conclave, Vaishvik 2020 on 15th and 16th February 2020. The Centre for Labour Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai invites you to be a part of its annual labour conclave “Vaishvik 2020” on 15th and 16th February 2020. The broad theme for this year’s conclave is “Imaging the New World of Work.”

As the world continues to experience a change in its current working scenario, its interactions with the changing economic ecosystems open the labour market in the world to new veins of discussions. This year’s theme aligns itself with the essence of the Masters Programme in Globalisation and Labour, originally conceived by the Global Labour University and supported by the International Labour Organisation, as it has a futuristic attitude in solving labour issues in the modern economy, against the backdrop of informalisation and contractualisation while fostering development of innovative and practically applicable policies in order to bridge the gap between ideal and real scenarios of labour welfare.

Adequate care has been taken on getting more insights and newer perspectives about the impacts of recent business models on the formal sector while simultaneously ensuring that the informal sector does not get ignored by our discussions. The amalgamation of welfare policies, the decline of trade unions as the flag-bearers of workers’ welfare along with changing contours in the world of work has the potential to invoke deep and thoughtful insights from highly intellectual guests and can ensure a healthy and fruitful discussion on a momentous subject often devoid of attention because of the changes being subtle and gradual rather than apparent and abrupt.

This year Vaishvik is slated to host a number of lectures, panel discussions, presentations and competitions covering various topics that are being discussed and debated in the current scenario ranging from industrial relations and labour codes to decent work and inclusive labour practices.

1-Precarious Employment
2-Future of Work
3-Climate Change and Labour
4-Inclusivity in Labour Market
5-Gender Gap in Economy

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