Application Invited for Social Start-Up Fellowship Programme 2020

ORG- School for Social Entrepreneurs India
Closing Date- No Deadline

This programme focuses on you, the social entrepreneur, and supports you on a process of self-discovery & growth–enabling you to launch and effectively run a social start-up

Our learning programme favours action over theory: it’s dynamic, interactive & inspirational–just what a social entrepreneur like you needs to start and lead a social enterprise. You come along for experiential and practical learning – no textbooks in sight! We’ll take you through all the key steps as you turn your idea into a real organisation. 

Focus on
1-developing a social entrepreneurial mindset 
2-business skills (designing a business model; managing finances)
3-measuring and communicating your social impact
4-testing and selling your products and services
5-learning from failure and building resilience.

How to apply
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