Enhance and Redefine Your Communication Skills for Your Career.

There are many talented people who fail to make a mark for themselves due to a lack of communication skills. They may have different skills but often those skills are unnoticed. Communication is a domineering skill that reflects the knowledge and helps to be effective in the workplace. I have tried to illustrate the importance of communication skills for the students and new employees. What is the advantage of having communication skills?
  • Effective communication  makes a person more confident and expressive.
  • Communication brings the possibility to the efforts for success.
  • Effective communication has a dynamic essence to inspire and influence.
  • Effective communication can facilitate the scope to maintain strong interpersonal relationships.
  • Rapport building and the business meeting becomes easy for effective communicators.
  • People with good communication skills usually enjoy good interpersonal relationships and able to maintain good interpersonal engagement with the family members as well as colleagues.

Focus on the three domains of communication. 

 I may suggest you to develop efficiency of communication in three domains such as 

1-Presentation communication(PC)

Presentation is a process or means of communication through which a message or information is provided in a systematic, structural, and demonstrative ways to an appropriate audience.The audience may be a group of people,a student's communities or a management council of an organization.Normally the ways of communication in presentations are observed to be very formal and ritualistic.In order to excel in a challenging career you must have the sets of presentation communication skills.

Why do you need to have presentation skills?- If you are going to be an employee of an organization and you are entrusted with some responsibilities wherein you are expected to attended several meetings such as in status update meeting, innovation meeting, review meeting, decision-making meeting and so many, what you do if you are asked to make some presentation. You will be appreciated if your presentation went good, otherwise, you may have to face humiliation. The presentation has become an absolute part of meetings in every field of professions. Hence you must learn to be ready to be skilled before going to a job.

Presentation communication skills can be developed through the following ways 
  • Participating seminars and workshop- Participating in seminars and workshop may give scopes for  listening  to many presenters and speakers. You can look at them and the way they make a presentation. What tools and the process they make use in the presentation.Listen carefully to how they make use of the sentence and vocabularies to make the audience understand. 
  • Watching Videos of eminent speakers and presenters- Watch as many videos as you can to add value to you learning for effective presentation.It can facilitate and inform the diverse ways of presentation.  
  • Self demonstration- It may sound unusual practice for developing presentation communication skills, but it actually works.If you are alone in your house, just suppose your house is a seminar hall and you are a presenter. Select a topic of your interest and make a presentation thinking a good number of people listening to you. You can make video and audio recording of your  presentation to validate your improvements. Make it on a regular basis and see an improvement. 
  • Reading relevant books- Your presentation can be very persuasive and effective if you can make your presentation qualitative and informative. The qualitative and informative presentation is possible only after having read lots of relevant books. Books are the source of information and knowledge. You can draw words, meaning, technical understanding to distinguish your presentation from the crowd.
  • Take advantage of the class room presentation- A habit and the practice is enough to be efficient. When ever you are given a chance to make a presentation in the class room, do not hesitate to do it. You may commit 90% of mistakes in your fist presentation but it will provide an immense experience to improve. The more presentations you make the more of your presentation likely to be improved. 
2-Written communication (WC)  

Written communication encompasses the different kinds of interaction,making use of written words. When a message is conveyed between person to person through written words is denoted to written communication. This means of communication is largely exercised in all areas of professions. These forms of communication are used when a message is to be transmitted and it can't be explained verbally due to lengthy and complex form of a message.

Why do you need to have written communication skills?  Written communication is considered as the most important and effective mode of any business communication. You certainly need  writing communication skills as the business world mostly exchanges the message through written communication.The administration of an organization,the regular transaction of business, and organizational business communication are done through the mode of written communication.It involves email writing, memos, business meeting minutes, proposals writing,various reports,memorandum,circular,actions plan, so many. When you become an employee of an organization you will be asked to exhibits these works.That is why we need give prior attention to our writing communication.

Written communication skills can be improved through the following ways.

  • Make a habit of writing - If you want to see yourself of having good writing skills you must develop a habit of writing. Good writing skills are the product of regular writings.Choose a topic and write what ever comes to your mind. Do it on a regular basis and see a change in your style of writing. You must write everyday thinking as if it is your job.
  • Reading books and business communication samples-  You can thoroughly read about other written communication, the written communication may be in the form of correspondence, email writing, circular audit report, general body meeting report, etc. Do observe the sentence and structure of the written communication. You can also pay notice to the use of different sorts of vocabulary and how these words are being used in conveying the message. 
  • Make use of the software to check your writings- in order to validate your writings you may go about using some software to check the accuracy of your writings, the software may detect some grammar errors and sentence structure. You can also ask someone to check your writing who is considerably good at writings.  
3-Conversation communication Skills (CC) 

All of us do conversation with our fellow mate.We never pay attention to the way we converse with each other and it actually informal in nature. You may notice that there are two different words are used conversation and communication. The conversation is about exchanging words while communication is a process of transformation of thoughts and words into meaningful action.

Why do you need to have  Conversation Communication Skills ? The importance of conversation communication skills may have been realized by many of us.Conversation communication can be referred to as the public speaking, anchoring, an interview, panel discussion, classroom group discussion,village meetings etc, wherein we talk face to face and share meaningful messages. You are required to have this skills to influence and convince your business clients and stake holders.When you will be an employee of an organization and you may be required to work with people and communities and this skills will be very much helpful to hold meetings, and to conduct participatory rural appraisal and to have research data collection, client sourcing etc.

Conversation communication can be improved through the following ways 

  • Listen to the people who speak well-  listening is the best way to learn.You are encouraged to make an effective listening to the others who is found to be speaking well. Listen and observe them how do they pronounce and their styles of conversation. Try to figure out how they make use of the message in their conversation communication.
  • Make a habit of speaking-  You can't have good communication skills unless you try for it.listening,learning, using, and trying are  the best process for development. Every well speaking personality must have started form the zero level. Start speaking today onward without worrying about mistakes. The fluency in conversation communication may not be developed if regular communication is not initiated. Your regular conversation may make you an eloquent speaker.
  • Make use of an adequate vocabulary-  You must learn to use some adequate vocabulary to make your conversation communication more interesting and productive. Make use of the words which are popular and easy to pronounce.
  • Do read books and journals - The ideas and information can be generated from the considerable reading. Your communication can be persuasive and impressive if you make use of the ideas, thoughts, and information in your conversation communication. Reading books and journals can influence your conversation skills and will facilitate constructive sentences in making your language more ornamental and formative.
  • Initiate self conversion-  Talking to self approach can improve one's conversation skills. However, before taking a step to have conversation with others,do talk to yourself, and realize how does it sound to you.You can evaluate the progress and the need for improvement.Self conversation helps the brain to process and index the new word for further conversation.
Best Wishes.


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