Conference on India’s Emerging Relations with West Asian Countries

ORG- JMI, New Delhi
Closing Date- 15th December, 2019

India as an ancient civilisation always believed in universal brotherhood, peaceful existence and harmony. It always aspired to keep its heart open for the people across the globe. The philosophy of mutual respect, tolerance and peaceful coexistence of all race, religions, faiths and community has been its primal policy of foreign relations. It has always contributed to world civilization and has also been enriched by global cultures and civilizations.

From the time immemorial, India and the countries of West Asia have been in constantly connected in terms of exchange of knowledge, goods, ideas, resources and cultures. Indo-West Asian relations have been on a distinctive trajectory with the massive movement of people from India to the West Asian Countries and vice-versa in the form of pilgrimage or labor migration.

This two-day International Seminar is an attempt to understand different aspects of Indo-West Asian relations and to analyse interconnections as well as prospects in strengthening socioeconomic ties with India. There is a need for exchange of ideas and approaches at the global level to understand the changing global order and Indo-West Asian Relations.

The Seminar would also put the focus on India’s role in Socio-political affairs of West Asia in view to protect its needs and the aspirations of a large number of Indian diaspora living in the region.A large number of Indian expatriates in different parts of the region are the best example of a sound relationship between the two regions.

1-Indo-Arab Socio-Cultural Relations
2-Shaping and Reshaping the Boundaries in West Asia
3-Indian Diaspora in West Asia
4-Economic Cooperations in West Asia
5-Politics and Sustainable Development
6-Strategic and Defence
7-West Asian Philosophy, Literature and Culture
8-Monuments and Architecture

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