Conference on Ecology in Sanskrit Literature

ORG- University of Mysore
Closing Date- 15th January, 2020

The Department of Studies in Sanskrit, situated at University of Mysuru is as old as the varsity. The University was established by His highness Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, and the Sanskrit Department is active in making laurels across the state and the country too.

According to the opinions of Shri Harsha and other Sanskrit laureates, to acquire the knowledge in any subject research, teaching, practice and publicizations are paramount. In this connection, the Department has been organising several national seminars, to strengthen the research abilities of scholars and students.

The environment surrounding us not only provides the five elements, but also adds a rational element. The environment nurtures civilization. It also creates excess or anomalies in human life. These are the circumstances necessitates one to take up environment as a subject for research-cum-discussion.

The Sanskrit language is primeval, and rich in Darshana and abundant literary works. Due to the limitations in studies, or because of it being rare now a days, the cogitation of the element of environment in Sanskrit becomes relevant. This is also a call of the day for the benefits of society. In this regard, the Department of Studies in Sanskrit is organizing a One-Day National Seminar on ‘Ecology in Sanskrit Literature’.

1-Ecology concept in the Vedas,
8-Modern Sanskrit literature etc

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