Conference on on Cross Cultural Interactions

ORG- Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
Closing Date- 15th January, 2020

India Arab Cultural Centre (IACC), Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi is planning to organize the First Young Scholars’ Seminar (YSS) to be held on March 19-20, 2020 to provide a platform to young scholars and academia to share their research on the core theme of “Looking Afresh at Cross-Cultural Interactions: Exploring Arabic Themes in Indian Writings.

The study of Islam and of Arab’s cultural interaction with Asian and African countries as a phenomenon has changed profoundly in recent years in part because of a focus on post-colonial and post orientalist scholarships in a post modern condition which not only encompass multiple areas but also look afresh at processes and interrelations among those areas. The conventional approach to looking at IndoArab interaction has been that metropolitan developments flowed from a center, which is Arab in our case, to a periphery, India, or the whole South Asia, for that matter.

The fallacy of this approach is that it, essentially, maintains a hierarchical relation which essentializes the belief the ‘center’ has always been active and periphery passive in cross cultural interactions: thus, Islam as imperialist and hegemonic force arose in Arabia, and was transplanted in India through ‘conversion’. Another fallacy of the approach is that it also discusses and places ‘too much’ emphasis on ‘too little’ areas.

1-Arab Nationalism in Indian Literature
2-Question of Palestine in Indian literature
3-Locating Arabs in the Cultural Landscape of Muslims of North Eastern Indian literature
4-Hajj Travelogues in India
5-Depiction of Arabs in the Hajj travelogues
6-Arabic Themes in Indian Folk Literature
7-Arabic and Arabs in Indian Cinema
8-Arab Culture in ‘Muslim Social’ Values
9-Arabic themes in Indian Paintings and Calligraphy
10-Arabs in Indian English Novels
11-Arabic Script and Indian Languages
12-Arab Socio-religious Figures in Indian Religious Writings
13-Sanctity of Arab land in the Na’at Literature
14-Madrasa: an Arabic word with Indian connotations, a place of terror in English consciousness

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