Career Opportunity After Master In Social Work (MSW)

It is very apparent and common for every one of us to be worried about employment after the post-graduation in Social Work. We become more vulnerable and tense when friends around us get a good job. We gradually develop a feeling of being socially pressurized and struggle to fulfill the aspiration of our parents and relatives. Very often it leads to deep frustration when we remain unemployed after having a remarkable academic career. You may have heard from people saying that the MSW courses do not have appealing career opportunities. But it is not the right case, here the career scope of MSW/BSW graduates are skyrocketing. Employment opportunities for social work graduates have indeed witnessed unprecedented growth over the years. We have witnessed a rapid proliferation of institution that offers regular and distance mode of MSW courses. Private universities are now showing interest in offering social work courses looking into the market responses and market demands. It is often observed that students migrate from another disciple to social work education looking into vast career opportunities. To get to know more about the career scope in details  I have categorized four major sectors where MSW and other graduates can look an opportunity for themselves. The following are the sectors.

I would discuss here a few scope and opportunities for the master's in social work students and other graduates who have either completed education or continuing. I would hope if one reads this blog till the end will get exposed to a diverse field of career building. Following are a number of fields and specialization that seem to be creating an encouraging career opportunities. 
  • Social and  Community development.
  • Women's empowerment and child development.
  • Public health and sanitation
  • Human rights and social legislation.
  • Advocacy and community organization
  • Human resources development. 
  • Industry and correctional setting.
  • Disaster management and eco-social work. 
  • Livelihood and entrepreneurship.
  • Social assistance and financial inclusion.
  • Social policies and social inclusion.
  • Criminology and correctional administration.
  •  Industrial relations and labor welfare.
  • Urban and rural development.
  • Personnel Management and labor welfare.
  • Disability and mental health.
Employment Opportunities after Master Social Work Education in the following sectors.
  1. Government Sector
  2. Private Sector
  3. Corporate Sector 
  4. Self Employment 
  5. Academic Sector

1-Government Sector 

A substantial number of opportunities are coming out in the government sector. I placed the sector at the top of the list looking at the increasing employment opportunities. Many of us do not go through the employment notification of many government agencies. The following are the few lists of government agencies where employment is possible for MSW/BSW/graduates who have the credential of various specialization.
  1. Community Organization and Social Development.
  2. Integrated tribal development agencies (ITDA)
  3. Integrated Child Development Services(ICDS)
  4. Directorate of Social Welfare(DSW)
  5. Central Social Welfare Board (CSWB)
  6. National Institute of Social Defence(NISD)
  7. National backward class finance and development corporation (NBCFDC)
  8. National Safai Karmarchari Finance and Development Corporation (NSKFDC)
  9. Dr.Amedkar Foundation.
  10. Babu Jagjiban National Foundation.
  11. National Institute of a public corporation and child development.
  12. National Commission for Women.
  13. Rashtriya Mahila Kosh.
  14. Central adoption Research Authority.
  15. National Commission for protection of child rights.
  16. National Institute of Mentally Handicapped.
  18. Government banks such as Allahabad Bank, UCO Bank Etc.
  19. AIIMSs/Universities and so many………
The above lists are few among the many. This list includes apex government agencies for grassroots government agencies. However, most of the government agencies run projects and social schemes to meet the national and international collective social goals, hence it hires credible professionals from the different specialization of MSW and other graduates. The following are the few lists of missions in which qualified professionals get employment.
  1. National health mission (NHM)
  2. National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM)
  3. National Mission for Green India(NMG)
  4. Swachha Bharat Abhiyan(SBA)
  5. National Skills Development Mission.
  6. Skills India Mission.
  7. Pradhan Mantri Sharm Yogi Madhan
  8. AMRUT Plan.
  9. Mission Indradhanush and so many………
There are many state-level missions and schemes run by the government agencies and it generates employment opportunities for us.

2-Private Sector

The private sector provides a wide range of scope for employment. The national, international organizations, foundation, trusts, cooperatives, non-profit organizations, private hospitals, private schools, and farmer producer organizations are coming under the private sector domain. There are thousands of organizations coming up every year. Hence the possibility of job opportunities is on the rise. The following are the list of few national and international non-government organizations.
1-United Nation Development Program(UNDP)
2-CARE India.
3-Magic Bus Foundation.
4-The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
5-Tata Trust.
7-KISS Foundation.
8-Child in Need.

India has 31 lakh NGOs and globally it has been estimated to have 10 million NGOs. You can imagine the expandable scope of career opportunities and the list are going on. It has been also reported that there is one NGO for every 600 people. Just figure out the possibilities of the opportunities.

3-Corporate Sector 

Although the corporate sector is coming under the private domain, I preferred to make it the separate sector on the grounds of its styles of management, administration, budget, and importantly on the perspective of its social involvement and engagement. There is a 17.89 lakh company registered in India. Opportunities in corporate sectors for professionals are growing exceptionally high, as India mandates corporate social responsibility; every company needs to spend two percent of the profit for CSR. Thereby I look at the sector as growth opportunities and possibilities for having a long-lasting career. Few lists of CSR agencies.
1-Tech Mahindra Foundation.
2-Reliance Foundation.
3-Nalco Foundation.
4-Ajim Premji Foundation.
5-ICICI Foundation.
6-HCL Foundation.
10-Bharat Petroleum.
11-Mahindra Foundation.
12-NLC India.
13-Infosys Foundation.
14-Nudge Foundation.
 And so many...

These are the few lists of corporate bodies, once I start listing out than the list will never end. On this ground, the opportunities in corporate sectors are said to be on the rise. You are advised to explore all these areas you will shock into silence to see huge opportunities awaited for your application and candidatures. Once you get into this sector it has all the potential to give you an international platform.
I have not discussed the academy sector as many of us tend to think that 'these jobs belong to elite and intellectual. But the trend has dramatically changed as many young professionals are getting into this sector. And the sector has become very open and popular. Therefore no worry for a job. Be active and clever because the opportunities are on the rise.

4-Self-Employment  Sector 

Self-employment is all about working for oneself instead of working for an employer. It can be a social entrepreneur, can be a freelancer. Is it creating confusion in understanding? Let’s discuss it in an interactive way; after graduation, we are not working for a particular organization we choose to work independently. Are there ways to work independently after the MSW/MBA/Graduation? Of course, there are many ways as follows.
1-Consultant for NGO/Firm/Company-Who is the consultant for NGOs? Consultants are the one who provides an expert service or advises professionally to the organization. Example; strategies designs and organizational policymaking.

2--Skills Development Trainer- One can be self-employed by becoming a Master Skill development trainer for NGOs. Who are the trainers? The one who professionally instruct and counsels human resources the art of getting the things done or facilitate in enhancing the ability to perform a certain task.

3-Social Entrepreneurs – One can become self-employed by social entrepreneurship. Who are Social entrepreneurs? The one who works on an idea and develop a system or mechanism that has the potential to solve social problems. Examples of doorstep digital education programs, microfinance, etc.

5-Academic Sector 

There are employment opportunities in the academic sector too. We have witnessed the rapid increment in the number of social work institutions and universities. After the degree in social work, you can work in the following 
  1. University /state /central 
  2. Colleges
  3. Schools 
  4. Research Agencies 
  5. Government Research Institution
Here are the few lists of academic/Reserach/ University /Institution. 
  1. Department of social work Delhi Univerisity 
  2. Central University of Karnataka 
  3. Pandicehery Univerisity 
  4. Parul University 
  5. University of Mumbai
  6. Department of Social Work Jamia Mila Islamia University 
  7. Lucknow University 
  8. TISS 
  9. Pune Univerisity 
  10. Mahatma Gandhi Kasi Vidyapitha
  11. Indra Gandhi National Open Univerisity 
  12. NITI Ayog 
  13. ICSSR
  14. National Institute of Mental Health 
  15. Action Network for Social Work Education and Research 
  16. Council on social work education
  17. Society for social work and Research 
  18. Center for social research 
  19. National Commission for backward class 
Different post and designation in the Academic Sectors

Teaching in academic 
  1. Lecturer 
  2. Assistant Professor 
  3. Associate Professor 
  4. Professor 
  5. Teacher
Non Teaching in Academic 
  1. Research Associate 
  2. Research Assistant 
  3. Junior Research Fellow 
  4. Senior Research Fellow 
Administration in Academic 
  1. Director-General 
  2. Chancellor 
  3. Vice-Chancellor 
  4. Dean
  5. Chairman of Department /Division
  6. HOD 
  7. Warde etc.


I hope the above information may have been helpful for you. If I have missed out anything you may highlight in the comment section.


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