How to Write a Reference Letter

An overview
Generally, we are asked to come with various documents when we are called for an interview or during the time of joining in a new job. Some documents may be of qualification certificates, experience letter, salary slips, relieving letter and etc. Among those important documents, we are also often asked to produce a reference letter by our prospective employers. Now let's understand the following.

1-What is a reference letter?
2-Why is it so important?
2-How is it written?

1-What is a reference letter?
A reference letter is also known as a recommendation letter. It is all about telling and testifying someone's ability, skills, qualification, and experience in a written document. Normally this type of letter is written by the person who knows you personally and professionally. They may be your teacher, colleagues, mentor, and supervisor. 
2-Why is it so important?
The reference letter plays an important role in conveying and informing about your candidature to the reader or recruiters. It makes a positive impact on the selection process as the third person who witnessed your strength, expertise, skills, and personality is justifying why you are suitable for the post that is why I consider it more powerful than the normal cover letter.
3-How is it written?
If you are thinking of writing a reference letter for any of your candidates this following tips may helpful for you. For quick writing just divide your letter into five important parts. For example:-  

1-The address part of your letter.
2-The salutation of the letter.
3-The Introductory Paragraph. 
4-The body of the letter.
5-The closing paragraph of the letter. 

1-The address part of your letter.
Step-1- Getting started with the letter -When you are not sure about whom to address the letter you may write To whom it may concern. However, if you do know the prospective organization mentions their details address.
2-The salutation of the letter. 
Step-2- Once you complete the address now get started with addressing the letter as saying Dear Sir/Dear Madam Mr/Mrs,  or Dear HR manager.
3-Introductory Paragraph
Step-3- In the first paragraph of the letter you may express the pleasure to write the letter for the candidate. In this section, you can introduce yourself and the relationship you have with the candidate.
4- The body of the letter.
Step-4- Strongly recommend your candidate mentioning the position that the candidate applied for by explaining why the candidate is suitable for the position. You can highlight the qualities, skills, qualifications, and other attributes.
5-The closing paragraph.
Step -5- In this last paragraph make a concluding sentence and mention that you are always ready to provide any further information about the candidate followed by your own signature.

Look at the demo letter

You may have got the idea of how the reference letter is written. Now let's know some of the general tips before asking for writing a reference letter.
  • You may ask someone for a recommendation or reference letter who knows you very well and ready to give time for any verification.
  • Build professional relationships and have many professional referees so that you can ask for their recommendation in times of need.
  • Provide detailed information to the letter writer, why you need the letter, and for what purpose.
  • Provide a set of experiences you had so that the writer may mention that relevant information in the letter.   


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