Application Invited for EIT Climate – KIC proposal.

ORG- EIT Climate-KIC
Closing Date- 13th November, 2019

Operating one stage and two stage application processes

We now operate two types of submission scheme:
1-A one-stage submission scheme, proponents must submit a full proposal on or before the deadline as indicated for the relevant activity.
2-A two-stage submission scheme, there is a first-stage and a second-stage evaluation (against the evaluation criteria for each stage). In a two-stage submission scheme, proposals must pass the first-stage submission in order to proceed to the second. For avoidance of doubt, an Expression of Interest (first-stage) must be submitted within the specified timeframe – failure to do so will preclude the full submission of a full proposal (second-stage) for that call.

To increase your chances of being successful, please:

Engage with someone from EIT Climate-KIC, who are ready to co-create ideas with you. Contacts can be found on website:

Read the eligibility, and assessment criteria and the portfolio design principles annexes enclosed within this document. These will be used by EIT Climate-KIC and, where relevant, external assessors to assess proposals. Note that details vary from programme to programme.

This call will be followed by a Resubmission board, where proponents may be invited by EIT Climate-KIC to resubmit a proposal following a re-working per

How to apply
Proposals can be submitted at any time from the launch of the call until 1800hrs CET on the day of closing as indicated in the timeline section of this document. We strongly recommend that you liaise with your local EIT Climate-KIC office prior to submitting a proposal to receive support and guidance on completing your application

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