Conference on Stories of Health Change Policy by WHO & Alliance

ORG- WHO & Alliance
Closing Date- 12th November, 2019

The Alliance is seeking a team of diverse health policy and systems researchers and communicators to develop stories of change on elevenlow- and middle- income countries that provide an overview of how theHPSR environment has changed between 2009-2019 at the country level, and what the Alliance’s contribution to those changes has been.

1-The principal investigator (PI) should:
a. Have several years of broad global health research experience in LMICs, including HPSR;
b. Have experience with or exposure to the work of the Alliance;
c. Be involved in or published on research capacity assessment or research impact assessments; and
d. Have experience with doing capacity development for research in LMICs.

2-The team should:
a. Comprise of 1) a core team that defines methods and research tools and oversees work in multiple countries, and 2) a network of key people and HPSR collaborators living in or with knowledge of the relevant countries;
b. Be familiar with quantitative and qualitative research approaches, especially for understanding contribution and impact of policies and programmes;
c. Demonstrate language skills outside of English as appropriate for the countries;d.Have experience using innovative approaches to communicating research findings.

3-For all Alliance research projects, we require a gender balance, with women comprising at least 50% of the research team.

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