Recruitment of Online Community Facilitator at Quest Alliance

ORG- Quest Alliance
Closing Date- 10th October, 2019

About the Organization
Quest Alliance is a not-for-profit trust that equips young people with 21st century skills by enabling self-learning. They design scalable solutions that enable educators to address critical gaps for quality education and skills training.

Online Community Facilitator

Job Description
Our Quest Experience Lab team is looking for an Online Community Facilitator to engage the community of our app users and support their experience.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Create a value proposition for alumni to come back to Quest App even after they graduate from the training program, by keeping the Virtual Community on the App active and relevant for them
  2. Engage with alumni through virtual one on one or group conversations to understand their challenges and identify the areas where the support is required and provide appropriate mentorship
  3. Work closely and in tandem with alumni champions on the field to ensure alignment between physical and virtual strategy
  4. Generate ideas on localised content needs for the alumni, together with the alumni champions on the ground
  5. Post relevant bite-size content through the community and engage alumni in discussions around those.
  6. Work closely with the content team to provide inputs on the content and what needs to be created
  7. Spend time on the field to understand the value proposition that should be offered to the alumni and get regular feedback on the strategies deployed
  8. Run on boarding campaigns to get the past alumni on the platform
  9. Plan design and organise virtual events
  10. Ensure quick resolution of any technical issues that alumni may be facing to use the App, through support from the tech team, in order to ensure a seamless experience.

Other responsibilities

  1. Drive the social media marketing for Quest App with support from the Marketing and communication team at Quest Alliance
  2. Support the Quest App outreach team in the strategy and outreach efforts.

Skills and experience
  1. Up to 2 years of experience in communication as a discipline
  2. Good facilitation skills and ability to engage with young people
  3. Ability to be sensitive around struggles and challenges of young people and support them through basic mentoring support
  4. Understand the pulse of the conversations and chose the right content to post and share
  5. Comfortable with basic use of technology and use of online platforms and social media
  6. Good writing skills in English and ability to express
  7. Any prior experience in facilitating virtual communities is a plus
  8. Knowledge of multiple languages would be a plus, other than English
  9. Openness to travelling around the country

Job location

Reporting to
Technology Lead

up to 45,000 INR/ month

How to apply
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