Conference of RUAS National Conference on Health and Wellness through Nutritionals and Nutraceuticals 2020

ORG- Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS)
Closing Date- 15th November, 2019

Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) was established as a Private University under an Act passed by the Government of Karnataka. Envisioned as a modern as well as innovation-intensive University, RUAS is engaged in interacting with industry, business communities and Government organisations. RUAS, a Comprehensive University and Unitary in nature, has pioneered the concept of outcome-based education in India.

1-Challenges in Food Chain from Farm to Folk
2-Novel and Functional Foods in Health
3-Enrichment of Foods through Nutrients
4-Application of Biotechnology and Modern Science for Management of Diseases
5-Health and Wellness – Ayurveda Way
6-Bioactive Molecules and Nutraceuticals for Healthcare
7-Marketing Safe and Healthy Food the Ethical Way

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