Conference of International Journal of Transparency and Accountability in Governance (IJTAG)

ORG- National Law University, Delhi
Closing Date- 15th October, 2019

National Law University Delhi established with a mandate to create lawyers who are professionally capable, socially responsive, and equipped to face the myriad challenges of an ever evolving society. The vision of the University is to create a global legal institution which strives to be the best, both within as well as outside India, and to present individuals with a wide range of opportunities to contribute to the legal profession.

1-Corruption in higher education and research
2-Reforms in the Governance of legal education and research
3-Quality Research Publications and Plagiarism
4-Ethical values for research publications: Researchers writing research articles/books for teachers, sponsored research publications, etc.
5-The exploitation of Ph.D. Scholars: gifts to guide, traveling expenses of external experts paid by the scholars, funding of refreshments/party by Ph.D. Scholars after completion of viva exams for the award of Ph.D. degree, etc
6-Conflict of Interests in the governance of legal education: admission, appointment, etc
7-Transparency and Accountability in the operations of Legal education and research
8-Accountability of Research supervisors for research assignments- quality or quantity?
9-The exploitation of teachers by public/private institutions: Terms & Conditions of employment of law teachers, recognition of teachers, etc
10-Independent regulating authority for monitoring legal education & research in India
11-Misc. matters incidental or ancillary connected to the central theme

How to apply
Submissions must be emailed to with the subject heading 'IJTAG – Submission (Volume V)'

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