2 reasons why you should not rely on your resume alone

Are you still giving more effort in customizing your resume for any new job? Have you ever felt of limiting your self within a few pages of your resume? Did you ever wonder why your resume is not being shortlisted? How long have you been waiting and looking at your email box for any call letter? Do you feel uneasy and trouble while applying for a job online?  While filling up the online application some of us may have tried and stopped thinking that the online application is disgusting and time-consuming. There are many of us who may have been feeling these ways? Why does it happen? It happens because we are habituated by sending a resume spending little time on customization and send almost the same thing to every organization. By doing the same we are gradually programmed into a pattern of conventional application procedures in which we do not get much scope to express ourselves in detail and very often our resume fails to convey more about our candidature. That is why our resumes sometime do not work wonder.

Now I am sure you may have got a little clue about the entire passage. Now I may invite your conscious attention to the following reason why you should not always depend on your resume.

1- The resume is going to die soon.

An electronic mail system (Email)  has taken the place of letters. However, the uses of the letter and official memo are still being used, nevertheless, it is said to have been drastically declined over the years in organizational business communication. Similarly in the wake of information technology, the recruitment process has become more convenient than ever before and now in the pace of rapid proliferation. It has been very clear from the latest recruitment news that emerging technology transforming and streamlining the recruitment process. Some impressive technology is used to asses and organizes the candidatures. Some technologies are Applicant Tracking System  (ATP), BambooHR 4.9, Freshteam 4.3The secret workhorse, etc. The effort of filtering manually scores of resume has become daunting for the recruiters. Around  52 percent of talent acquisition leader considers that the screening of resume is the hardest and time-consuming activity. For these reasons, recruiters are paying into automation technology to alleviate the problem of screening the resume.

Hence many organizations are switching into online automation application mode to screen and filter candidates' data for selecting and improving the recruitment process more efficiently. You may have experienced over the years a dramatic shift from an offline mode of application to the online mode application process in many governmental agencies. You have also noticed that some organizations do not ask resume they direct the candidate to apply for the post either via third party's job portal or through their official online application link. Hence staying stick into the habit of sending a resume may not work out in the coming days.

2-The rise of social media recruitment and it is skyrocketing.

Do you know that the recruiter may reach out to you seeing your social media profile? Am I kiddling..no ..no I am not kidding at all. Social media profiles are easily accessible to the recruiter and the profile of recruiters is accessible too. Social Media has become a place of job hunting and candidate searching. Recruiters are showing more interest in navigating candidates on social media than calling for resume submission this process is known as social media recruiting. HR considers it a practice of identifying, attracting and engaging both active and passive candidates. Around 92% of recruiters have made their presence in social media. It is reported that 70% of recruiters check candidates on social media. And one of the surveys of Human Resources Development found that 84% of the employers are using social media as their recruitment tool. Big social media giant like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twiter, and Pinterest have become convenient substitutes for the conventional recruitment process and the resume in the coming year may disappear and it may no longer be considered as the medium of recruitment.

What are you going to do then?

1- Start acquainting with the online mode of application.
2- Avoid copy and paste practice in the online mode of application. 
3-Make your online presence more impressive and informative.
3-Build your social media network with professionals.
4-Filter and organize your social media profile.
5- Keep updating your candidacy.
7-Keep building your online reputation.

I hope this post may have been informative and useful for you. If you have any points to share with regard to the topic you may write in the comment section thank you.


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