Recruitment of Senior Manager HR&Admin at Udyogini

ORG- Udyogini
Closing Date- 30th September, 2019

Udyogini was established in 1992 to implement Women's Enterprise Management Training Outreach Program (WEMTOP), a project of the Economic Development Institute of World Bank. It’s an organisation dedicated to empowering poor women by building their entrepreneurship skills and fostering gender equality by improving socio economic status of women to enable them to participate in decision making in domestic and public spheres. Udyogini aspires to impact 100,000 producers directly by 2025 and has emerged as a leading NGO working to provide customized “Business Development Services” for poor women in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh through working on some selected potential product value chains like Lac, Poultry, Goat and high value agricultural crops.

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The role of Senior Manager Human Resources  is to ensure that ‘Udyogini’ enhances its capability to realise its mission and vision by ensuring that every team member is aligned with the mission, vision and strategic agenda of the organization; that the organization attracts and retains quality talent with the skills and competencies  required to deliver on its goals and strategic agenda; and to put in place systems and processes that build a high performance and execution-focused organization.

Minimum 8years of HR and Admin experience in a non-profit organization.

25% People Planning:
Manage end to end processes for recruitment, selection and onboarding of New Staff.

Ensure that role descriptions are developed for all new positions and review/revise role descriptions for existing positions as required.

Prepare offer letters, employment contracts and all other documentation related to employment.

Prepare induction plans and take responsibility for the smooth induction of all new joinees.

10% Performance Management:
Manage Annual Appraisal System for the Organisation which will include filling of appraisal forms and on time submission.

Monitor performance appraisal process, assist Team Leaders and Associates identify training and development needs.

5% Remuneration & Rewards:
Assist in the Remuneration Review process, including determining of remuneration for each grade/position keeping in mind market trends.

Assist Team Leaders in linking variable pay/performance bonus to appraisal ratings.

Ensure compliance with all statutory regulations pertaining to remuneration and rewards

10% Learning & Development:
Identify appropriate learning and development interventions that will enhance skills and competencies required for better performance of individuals and teams.

Ensure that an effective training process is in place for all team leaders and Associates, including training needs assessments, professional development plans, and monitoring the implementation of these plans.

Assist the leadership team in thinking through, formulating and executing change management initiatives.

50% General Administration:
Overseeing and implementing daily office administration for Head Office, most imperatively vendor selection, three quotes, verified by visiting the vendor on location, verifying incorporation documents, tax status and that it is the most cost efficient price.

Assist in organizing meetings/workshops, travel organization, stay

Running workshops quarterly with all colleagues and Administrative Lead, HR, Management for compliance with policies and processes

Record Keeping and Data Management
Keep track of Confirmation, Appraisals, and Increments of employees.

Track attendance, maintain leave records, PF records, issue letters, etc.

Prepare various letters like increment letter, transfer letter, Absenteeism notice, warning letter, show-cause notice, experience/service certificate, relieving letter, etc.

Ensure the implementation of HR policies and Code of Conduct.

Ensure that the organization chart is updated on a quarterly basis.

Annually update the HR Manual and other necessary documents.

Manage day to day general administration for Head Office.

Skills & Competencies
A Master’s degree in Human Resources
Demonstrated understanding of HR technical areas, such as compensation and benefits, employment, job evaluation, salary administration, performance management and personnel development etc

Strong listening, interpersonal, organizational and presentation skills

Ability to analyse data and come up with strategic insights

Computer proficiency in MS Office

Strong experience of collaborating with leaders and colleagues to drive results

Experience implementing diverse and high impact HR initiatives to support organizational objectives

Commensurate with Experience

How to apply
Interested candidates can send their updated resume and a cover note expressing their interest in applying to the organization and how the position applied for fits into their career goals by September 30th, 2019 to the following email id:

The subject line must mention “Application for Senior Manager HR&Admin)


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