Recruitment of Scientist I - Seed Systems and Product Management at International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

ORG- International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
Closing Date- 21st October, 2019

International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) is the world’s premier research organization dedicated to reducing poverty and hunger through rice science; improving the health and welfare of rice farmers and consumers; and protecting the rice-growing environment for future generations.

Scientist I - Seed Systems and Product Management

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Job Purpose
The Rice Breeding Platform will deliver on key priorities of the Strategic Plan in the areas of breeding for favorable environments, breeding for unfavorable environments, host plant resistance, quantitative genetics, seed and delivery systems and germplasm evaluation.

The incumbent shall lead the IRRI global research on seed and seed systems, varietal replacement and adoption of new varieties, seed policy and capacity building. He/she will develop public-private sector networks and collaborate with them in the identification of policy constraints as well as priorities to reduce bottlenecks on seed systems. He/she is also expected to develop effective varietal replacement strategies and tools for demand forecasting to enable effective quality seed supply systems.

The position will work with the other research clusters in the Rice Breeding Platform to increase the rate of varietal replacement and adoption of new rice seed varieties through faster dissemination.

This position will be based at the IRRI South Asia Regional Center, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Develop and implement product design and delivery road maps as part of a global product design strategy
  2. Develop and enable public–private sector networks to create farmer demand for new products and generate sufficient agronomic data to increase varietal replacement rates through effective seed multiplication and rapid out-scaling
  3. Carry out relevant research, develop forecast demand and ensure timely supply of quality seed to end users by linking public- private sector stakeholders, dealers and farmers
  4. Develop and implement product knowledge dissemination strategies
  5. Identify the policy constraints and priorities to reduce bottlenecks on seed system development in different countries; assist different countries in the development of effective seed policies and mechanisms for quality seed production, procurement and distribution
  6. Contribute in the formulation of national seed policy for different countries as needed
  7. Lead IRRI’s capacity building effort to strengthen the national seed systems
  8. Ensure delivery of outcomes aligned with IRRI’s vision, mission, values, target goals, policies and procedure
  9. Represent IRRI in the global seed sector community, building on existing and forging new partnerships to speed progress of out-scaling through planned complementarity and synergy
  10. Establish linkages between product design teams, breeding teams, and the most important decision makers within the value chain
  11. Lead a cross-functional product design team to create product profiles, coordinating between internal and external stakeholders, technical breeding teams, and key players within seed systems to ensure product impact
  12. Work closely with IRRI scientists in rice breeding platform and different platforms, collaborate with government, donors, rice R&D partners, private sector stakeholders to seek research funding support and to align with client and donor expectations
  13. Develop group strategy including the development of product profiles that deliver unique value based on customer demands, providing feedback to technical breeding teams on product performance in the marketplace, and updating product concepts based on increased knowledge of market demands and anticipated changes in the client demand landscape
  14. Ensure alignment to platform and institute strategy, plans, and priorities
  15. Deliver strategic direction of the project and/or team and substantially contribute to the strategic thinking and planning of the research agenda and seed and delivery systems
  16. Lead teams including budget and time management, staff learning and development and performance management
  17. Supervise, coach and mentor scientific professional and support staff including PhD students, Post-Doctoral Fellows
  18. Publish and contribute actively to scientific papers, articles, posters to be used in local and international conferences, workshops, trainings etc.,
  19. Actively seek external funding and secure partnerships for research and development

  1. A Ph.D. in agricultural sciences with specialization in Plant Breeding, or seed science with 3 years of work experience; or Post graduate (MA/MS) degree in agri-business with at least 5 years work experience in agricultural product development and seed systems
  2. Knowledge on seed standards, seed systems in different countries, experience setting and managing Global Standards seed laboratory
  3. Equivalent training / experience
Skills Required

  1. Demonstrated ability in product design, management, marketing, seed scaling and dissemination
  2. Proven ability or potential to perform in a multi-disciplinary and multicultural environment
  3. Has demonstrated research management experience
  4. Has an excellent analytical and organizational skill


  1. Experience working in a developing country
  2. Experience with Rice

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