Learning Companion Fellowship Program

ORG-Learning Companion

1-Passionate about education and working with children
2-Good command over English and Hindi/Marathi
3-Proven writing, documentation skills
4-Basic knowledge of office tools (MS Word, Excel)
5-Willingness and interest in learning to make small YouTube videos
6-Aptitude for data-analytic skills
7-Interested to live in a very simple arrangement, but very beautiful and energetic school campus
8-Age limit: 21-28
Roles and Responsibility 

As a ‘Learning Companions’ fellow, you are expected to develop mastery in certain leadership, documentation, and leadership skills.  These skills are expected to enable you to become a changemaker, who can help in the process of transforming classrooms, learning spaces or schools. The key set of skills include:
1-Being able to communicate with different stakeholders, including teachers, children, parents, school administration, other organizations
2-Being able to identify the needs and challenges of a community and engage the members of the community in the process of defining their own objectives, plan of change
3-Understanding and using the data for effective action plans, as well as for monitoring and evaluation
4-Effective oral and written articulation
5-Effective use of office tools (MS Excel, word)
6-Video editing (for small YouTube videos)

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Phone - Vishal: +91 9511695269; Meena: +91 9075820261

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