Application Invited for International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications at M. S. Institute of Technology, Delhi

ORG- M. S. Institute of Technology, Delhi
Closing Date- 1st October, 2019

The International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications (ICAIA 2020) provides an international forum for the presentation of original research findings, as well as exchange and dissemination of innovative, practical development experiences in different fields of engineering. The conference draws researchers and application developers from wide areas of artificial intelligence and associated applications related to almost all branches of engineering and technology.

This conference was conceived after analyzing the critical requirements and applications based on Artificial Neural networks, Fuzzy systems, Computational Optimization technologies, and Machine learning. The aim of this conference is to promote the translation of basic research into applied investigation and convert applied investigation into the practice.

This conference will also create awareness about the importance of basic scientific research in different fields matching the current trends. The conference will provide the flavor of keynote lectures by eminent speakers from different areas & panel discussion by industry people.

  1. Ant Colony Optimization
  2. Swarm Intelligence
  3. Genetic Programming
  4. Learning Classifier Systems
  5. Particle swarm Optimisation
  6. Differential evolution
  7. Feature selection
  8. Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization
  9. Numerical Optimization
  10. Genetic Algorithms
  11. Evolutionary Programming
  12. Interactive GAs
  13. Co-evolutionary algorithms
  14. Bi-level and multi-level optimization
  15. Ensemble-based genetic algorithms
  16. Fuzzy Systems
  17. Fuzzy Pattern Recognition
  18. Fuzzy optimization and modeling
  19. Stability of fuzzy systems
  20. Mathematical foundations of fuzzy systems
  21. Fuzzy optimization and modeling
  22. Fuzzy decision and support system
  23. Fuzzy algorithms
  24. Fuzzy architectural spatial analysis
  25. Fuzzy classification
  26. Fuzzy control system
  27. Fuzzy electronics
  28. Fuzzy diagnosis
  29. Fuzzy techniques for big data

Important Dates
  1. Abstract Submission: Oct 1, 2019
  2. Notification of acceptance: Dec 15, 2019
  3. Registration: Dec 26, 2019

How to apply
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