Application Invited for International Conference on Global Trends in Business Practices & Management Education at Birla Global University, Bhubaneswar

ORG- Birla Global University, Bhubaneswar
Closing Date- 30th October, 2019

With the advent of globalization, global business practices and international business have become common phenomena. Large companies and MNCs often operate in more than one country. Managing such cross-border operations requires a thorough understanding of local cultures, practices, laws and business environments. The unprecedented pace of globalization, especially in the last two decades, has impacted every aspect of our lives.

Countless technological innovations authored by globalization have resulted in the automation of production processes, continuous modernization, and upgrading of work techniques and creation of virtual communities. This ceaseless movement of products, processes, and people have intensified the competition and irrevocably transformed corporate culture across the world in dramatic ways.

The conference aims to bring together academicians, research scholars, industry experts, regulatory authorities from India and abroad to share their experiences and research findings to discuss the global trends in business practices and management education.

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. E-CRM
  3. Online Consumer Behaviour
  4. Green Marketing
  5. Ethical Marketing
  6. Opportunity Identification and Assessment
  7. Strategies for Harnessing Potential at Bottom of Pyramid
  8. Opportunities & Challenges in Services Marketing.
  9. Marketing in a Stagnant Economy Finance
  10. Managing Expectations of Millennial Managers
  11. Changing Role of Leadership
  12. Reframing H R Policies
  13. Handling Entitled Workforce
  14. Emerging Human Resource Management Issues
  15. Inter-Cultural Communication & Other Issues
  16. Employment Challenges in Emerging Global Economy
  17. Role of Artificial Intelligence in HR
  18. Management education for the New Economy- Meeting New Demands of Stakeholders
  19. Impact of Technology In Teaching Business Programs (MOOCS, Edx, Online Distance Learning, etc.)

Paper Submission
The election of papers for presentation will be based on detailed abstracts of about 500 words. Abstracts must include a clear indication of the purpose of research, methodology, major results, implications, and key references.

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