Applications invited for Tehran University of Medical Sciences School of Traditional Medicine Scholarship

ORG- Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Closing Date- 31st August, 2019

School of Traditional Medicine of Tehran University of Medical Sciences was established in 2007, as a result of the increasing interest and the national need in traditional, alternative, and complementary medicine services. This school, as the oldest and most distinguished school of Traditional Medicine in Iran, is the postgraduate academic center to educate talented students at Ph.D. level in traditional medicine and pharmacy of traditional medicine.

About the programs
The School of Traditional Medicine is the academic development of traditional Iranian medicine in the country and around the world. To this aim, the School’s curriculum provides the students with the opportunity to promote their skills both in theory and practice in different fields of clinical traditional medicine as well as nutrition, material medicine, and pharmacy. The specific objectives of this School are for students to gain an understanding of how to combine traditional medicine with current medicine, and to become a specialist, a broad minded and ethical individual. This School accepts students with M.D. or Pharm D. into Ph.D. programs. The curriculum also hopes to fill the gap between university and industry in the field of herbal medicine and traditional medicine.

School of Traditional Medicine accepts international students in the following programs:
  1. Traditional Medicine Ph.D.
  2. Nutrition in Traditional Medicine . Short-Term Courses
  3. Medical Massage . Short-Term Courses
  4. Cupping and Hijamat . Short-Term Courses
  5. Life Style in Iranian Medicine . Short-Term Courses
  6. Pharmacy in Traditional Medicine Ph.D.
  7. History of Medical Sciences M.Sc. Ph.D.

Award Details
All accepted applicants will be awarded scholarship type C. The detail of your study’s first-year expenses is as follows; First-Year Expenses: ((Visa & Registration 50 U.S. Dollar)) ((First transport from airport in Tehran 57 U.S. Dollar)) ((Furnished Accommodation 3650 U.S. Dollar)) ((Insurance 152 U.S. Dollar)) ((Persian Language Classes 734 U.S. Dollar)) ((Total 4643 U.S. Dollar)) But based on this awarded scholarship (type C), you will receive 4643 U.S. dollars as TUMS financial assistance for your first-year expenses

How to apply
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