Application Invited for Program on Human Resources Management at IIT, Kharagpur

ORG- Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Closing Date- 15th October, 2019

Contemporary business practitioners believe that HRM is the core issue of organizational survival. It is the only competitive advantage that moves organizations towards excellence. HRM is often quoted as the ‘Be All’ and ‘End All’ of an organization. Today HR has taken strategically central role in building a firm’s competitive advantage. Particularly in knowledge based industries,success increasingly depends upon “people embodied know-how”. This includes the knowledge, skills, and abilities embedded in an organization’s members.

To describe the importance of people in organization, some experts name it as “Human Resources” or “Human Capital” or “Intellectual Capital” to indicate the human capabilities that drive organizational performance. Successful organizations are particularly adept at bringing together different kinds of people to achieve a common goal. This is what many organizational experts think as the essence of human resource management. The success of an organization depends upon its strategic planning, developing and managing human resources. The present course is designed to impart knowledge of Human Resource Planning and Management to the participants with the following objectives.

Program Content

1. Introduction to Strategic Human Resource Planning
2. Career Planning and Management
3. Career Advancement and Succession Planning
4. Recruitment, Selection & Placement Training & Development
5. Employee Retention: Competency Mapping and Feedback
6. Performance Management System: HR Audit
7. Labour Relations and Work Life Balance
8. Job Design: HR Audit & HR Score Card
9. Employee Assistance Programme: Talent Management
10. Knowledge Creation & Knowledge Management
11. Compensation and Benefits
12. Organization Change & Development
13. International HRM: Cross-cultural issues
14. HR Analytics, Employee Attrition &Talent Mgmt
15. Leadership in HRM

16. HRM in VUCA HRM environment
17. Artificial Intelligence and Block chain in HRM

Who Should Register
Academicians (Student, Teachers and Researchers), Industry managers, Corporate HR Practitioners, Trainers, Employee counselors and OD Consultants.

Registration Fees

Industry: Rs. 20000
Non-AICTE Faculty: Rs. 12000
Outside student: Rs. 10000
South Asian Countries/low income countries: Rs. 15000
Developed Countries: USD500
(GST 18% per self-financed/sponsored candidate)

How to apply
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