Application Invited for Course on Strengthening of Civil Infrastructure Using Advanced Technologies at IIT, Hyderabad

ORG- Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
Closing Date- Application Open

A large volume of the existing building stock in the seismic zones around the world is in urgent need of structural strengthening. In addition, post-earthquake repair and retrofit interventions are of vital importance to return to normalcy soon after the damages from earthquakes. Industrial professionals face challenges for strengthening RC members, as there is no straightforward, single procedure available.

This workshop gives an overview of the strengthening of civil infrastructure, the design of FRP strengthening under different loading conditions and case studies. This course will be taught by internationally acclaimed academics, researchers and industry specialists.

This workshop is for all the professionals from the construction and infrastructure industry involved in destructive, and non-destructive testing and evaluation of concrete; performing structural condition assessment, repair, and strengthening of existing buildings/bridges.

Course Content
  1. Seismic Behavior of Anchorage Systems with a focus on Structural Strengthening
  2. Strengthening of Structures using Post-tensioning.
  3. Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Members under earthquake load.
  4. Condition assessment and Structural Audit of lifeline structure.
  5. Case Studies in Strengthening using FRP Composite.
  6. Supplemental damping & Energy dissipating devices for seismic strengthening.
  7. Case Studies in Seismic Strengthening.
  8. Post-fire assessment and strengthening of structure.
  9. Anchorage Design – Overview.
  10. Role of Anchors in Strengthening.

  1. Structural engineer
  2. Research scientist
  3. Contractor/builder Student or
  4. faculty

Participation Fees
  1. Abroad Participants: US $500
  2. Industry/ Research Organizations: Rs. 5,000 (Including 18%GST)
  3. Academic Institutions: Rs. 3000 (Including 18%GST)
  4. Graduate Students/ Research Scholars: Rs. 2000
  5. Students from India belonging to the reservation category (SC/ST): 1000 INR  (Note: Please send a soft copy of your community certificate)
  6. No fee for IITH students

How to apply
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