Application Invited for Chemical Constellation Cheminar @ NIT, Jalandhar

ORG- National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar 
Closing Date- 31st August, 2019

Chemistry is a discipline with reference to chemical transformations and debate about the atoms and the molecules. History of Chemistry dates back to the time of Ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Modern Chemistry began to emerge in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries with the efforts of scholars such as Boyle and Lavoisier leading to rapid advances in the two centuries.

Chemistry has a central role in Science and synthesis has a central role to play. Chemical Synthesis has reached an extraordinary level of sophistication but there is vast room for improvement.

There are several areas of chemical research which need the attention of the modern-day chemists and some of the areas are:
  1. Energy swiftly raises to the top of the world agenda, one of the grand challenges of 21st-century chemistry is to convert abandon energy-poor molecules to energy-rich molecules using sunlight as the energy source
  2. Biosciences and Nanosciences are other focus areas of chemical research which need enhancing sensitivity, precision, accuracy, simplicity, and reduction in cost. It is becoming imperative to characterize the contents of individual cells or Nanostructures.
  3. Diminishing fossil fuel reserves, hazardous chemicals, and wasteful processes have led to the emergence of green technologies. How metal complexes, materials, and organic matters can be prepared by clean and sustainable routs is another challenge to the chemists.

Science & Technology for Sustainable Development and Innovations.

Call for Paper
  1. Prospective authors are invited to submit abstracts that are relevant to the themes (Section 1 to 6) to Dr. Uma Shanker, Organizing Secretary of the conference.
  2. The authors should submit a 250 word abstract of their paper by August 31, 2019, indicating the theme and subtheme under which the paper is to be considered.
  3. Online submission through e-mail ( is strongly encouraged.

How to apply
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