Application invited for Rethinking Gender, Sexuality and Marriage in Development

ORG- Sambhaavanaa
Workshop date 11 Septemeber 2019
About the Workshop: Samvada in collaboration with Sambhaavnaa is offering a 5-day workshop, breaking down, exploring and re-thinking concepts of gender and sexuality in the context of development. The workshop will offer a space for participants to reflect on their own understanding and experiences of gender, sexuality, relationships and marriage and link them to the development discourse. Using methodology that works through self-reflection, critical social perspectives and dialogue, the workshop aims to:
  • Break down and explore the concepts and meanings of gender, sexuality, relationships and marriage in our own lives.
  • Critically examine the ways in which gender, sexuality, relationships and marriage are placed within the development discourse.
  • Examine the ways in which gender and sexuality (have) become markers of development.
  • Explore the links that exist between our personal experiences of gender, sexuality, relationships and marriage and the larger development discourse.
We welcome anyone who desires to constructively understand, and engage with, some of the processes that attempt to explain the current narratives related to gender and development, on the basis of ideas/issues that have been mentioned above. However, preference would be given to people who want to work on these themes or are already doing so.

Program Cost
e hope that participants would contribute an amount of Rs 4000/- towards workshop expenses. However, for those who cannot afford this amount, please feel free to choose the partial contribution option in the application form.

Contact for More information
WhatsApp or call Shashank: 889 422 7954 (between 10 am to 5 pm), and e-mail:

How to apply 
For application and program details visit the link


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