Training Programme on Project Preparation Skills for Microenterprises

Institution- National Institute for Micro Small and Medium Enterprise
Microenterprises contribute predominantly to economic growth, social stability and equity. The sector is one of the most important vehicles through which low-income people can act as an effective example in alleviating poverty. With limited skills and education to compete for formal sector jobs, these men and women find economic opportunities in microenterprise as business owners and employees. Efficient planning of both material and financial resources and uses predetermines the success of a Micro Enterprise activity. And any microenterprise activity if supported by a formal project, it is helpful in monitoring in terms of both operational and financial. A Project is an investment activity in which financial resources are utilized to create benefits which are measurable in costs and returns. A Project is an essential document that helps cultivate an initial professional relationship between an organization and a donor over a complete project life-cycle. It outlines the plan of the implementing organization about the project, giving extensive information about the intention, for implementing it, the ways to manage it and the results to be delivered from it.
Even the project planning for Micro Enterprises faces a considerable challenge when it has to be presented in a framework. The Project proposal has a framework that establishes ideas formally for a clear understanding of the project for the donor. Besides, unless the ideas are not documented, they do not exist. Hence, a Project facilitates appropriate words, financial calculations and various sections for the conception of an idea.
To have a crystal clear clarity it is required that a Project should be having specific objective, location and a realistic timeline. Thus project preparation encompasses planning, financing and implementation of an income generating activity as a unit.
Target Audience
  • Officials’ in-charge of project preparation and implementation of Micro Enterprises Development, SHG formation etc. representing Government/Finance corporations/DRDA/ DPIP.
  • Representatives of developmental financial institutions/Non-Govt. organisations/funding agencies/training institutions/Banks engaged in promoting Micro Enterprise Development and financing & nurturing SHGs.
  • Representatives of Federations/MACs of SHGs/Local area banks/networking agencies.
  • Project concept/formulation of objectives
  • Information needs for project preparation
  • Credit linkages with banks, rating parameters of for existing norms
  • Financial know-how during project preparation
  • Project designing and presentation of data
  • Project appraisal parameters
3 days (19–21 June 2019)
Rs. 7500/- (Residential)
Rs. 6000/- (Non-Residential) (18% GST as applicable).
The fee covers cost of tuition, reading material, boarding and lodging. It does not cover travel costs of participants. Fee once paid shall not be refunded. However, a substitute may be permitted.
How to apply 
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For further details contact:
Mr. Vivek Kumar
Associate Faculty Member
School of Enterprise Development
Phone: 040-23633236
Mob: 07801090735


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