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SWASH Village is an NGO initiative that was founded in India in 2011 with an aim to promote sanitation, hygiene & waste management  in rural India by developing community based sustainable and equitable solutions, and alongside generating awareness and facilitating participation, leading to healthy lives of rural and peripheral rurban (rural-urban) households. 
Job Descriptions 
1-(Assistant) Project Manager: Solid Waste Management Prototype (“SWASH Village”)
2-(Assistant) Project Manager: Planning & Facilitation of Zero Waste System (“SWASH Village”)
3-(Assistant) Project Manager: Community Research & Engagement (“SWASH Village”)
4-(Assistant) Project Manager: Market Research & Database Development of Waste Products (“SWASH Village”)
5-(Assistant) Engineer / Project Manager: Waste disposal – Reduce/Reuse/Recycle (“SWASH Village”)
6-(Assistant) Project Manager: GIS Mapping – Terrain, resources, vulnerabilities, opportunities
7-(Assistant) Project Manager: Organic Products, Packaging Research & Development (“SWASH Village”)
8-(Assistant) Project manager – Design Management (“SWASH Village” project)
9-(Assistant) Project Manager: Water, Sanitation and Health Project (WaSH)
10-(Assistant) Project Manager: Household Grey-water Recovery / Reuse Project (WaSH)
11-(Assistant) Project Manager: Rainwater Harvesting / Recharging groundwater (WaSH)
How to apply
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