Application invited for Intern, School Readiness Program

ORG-Indus Action
Closing Date-15th June 
Indus Action has a mission to enable the disadvantaged to gain access to legislated rights sustainably, in India. Our first action is to create a breakthrough in inclusive education. We achieve this in collaboration with progressive state governments and a network of partner and community entrepreneurs.
India's Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009, Section 12(1)(c) mandates unaided, private schools to reserve 25% of their entry grade seats to children belonging to socially and/or economically disadvantaged families. Essentially, due to this law, more than 11 million families now have a choice of selecting high-quality private schools across India in the next five years.
India's Right to Education law grants free access to high-quality private schools to economically and socially disadvantaged children. However, the national seat fill rate is only ~15 percent. Indus Action has till 2018, enabled 90,000 students to get admission in less than 5 years, with 84% fill rate in our areas of operation. By 2020, we aim to enroll 1 million children and are well on course to achieve the goal. By saving 1,05,000 in tuition fees, families save 12% of their annual income. This yielded 4000 million savings per every year thus far. We are able to deliver this impact at a marginal cost (200 Rs). Our cost-effective model ensures impact at 0.001% of the annual budget the government spends in implementing this policy.
The Summer Project
The School Readiness Program (SRP) will run through the period of June- September in Mulund, Maharashtra.
The School Readiness program will focus on enabling parents as an active agent in their child’s development. This aligns with the framework of implementation envisaged under the ICDS Mission by the Government of India.
During your internship with Indus Action the intern/s will be responsible for 
  1. Working closely with the Partner Leads/Partner Entrepreneur
  2. Conducting Baseline/Midline/Endline  Assessments for Parents and Children.
  3. Data entry for Baselines/Midline/Endlines
  4. Home visits if required during the pilot months ( June- September)
  5. Weekly meeting with the parents at the Anganwadi Centre
  6. Identifying champions from the communities
  7. Strategizing to scale the SRP
  8. Mobilising resources/people for requirements within the state for the program
  9. Awareness Campaign for RTE 12.1(c) - Based on state requirement
  10. Documentation of the process
  11. Generate a report of the internship
This internship will give interns an opportunity to:
  1. Understand the status of implementation of RTE Sec 12(1)(c) in India
  2. Work with state government machinery and get exposed to implementation of state-level partnerships
  3. Refine their hard skills like data analytics and social impact models
  4. Work at the ground-level and experience the challenges there, with an established organization 
  1. Strong project management skills
  2. Strong analytical (data/evidence gathering, analysis and interpretation, hypotheses framing and validation) and research capabilities
  3. Excellent communication(oral and written) and interpersonal skills
  4. Fluency  in Hindi and Marathi
  5. Open to learning and adaptable 
Location - Mulund, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Full-time interns will be given a stipend of Rs. 5000 per month. Interns will have to find their own means of accommodation for the assigned period. Candidates who can intern part time are also encouraged to apply. The stipend will be decided based on the number of hours that you can commit per week.
How to apply 
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