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INDIA Redefined in the last 5 years has evolved into a PLATFORM, functioning like a 'System Integrator' and not just an NGO. In our next level of engagement, we now offer to be a "ONE STOP SOLUTION FOR CSR" (CSR Hub) with "on the ground" Volunteers spread across the country, 100+ NGOs, Experts in all social verticals, Project Professionals, Implementation Partners, Innovative Technology Providers and Social Enterprises that are impanelled with INDIA Redefined. INDIA Redefined Experts panel can be Knowledge Partner too for CSR Activities.
The Internship
There are two types of internships:
  • Individual Internship - A student works individually throughout the course of his/ her internship.
  • Group Internship - Student forms a group of 10 people and contributes as a group. Group leader will get two certificates - one for Internship & other for organizing.
The internship will continue over a period of two to four weeks where our senior associates will monitor the impact of your participation. You are expected to spend at least 15 hours during this internship period. Successful Completion of the internship will subsequently lead to the award of a certificate from INDIA Redefined, which can be used as a document to support your extracurricular activities while you apply for further education or a job.
How to apply

o   College & University Students interested in internship should send their CV and Photograph at and school students should send CV and photographs at Please mention in the subject line Request for internship

o   Students keen on leadership roles to become Coordinators or Coordinating Campaigns / Initiatives / Events / Activities in their College/University or City/Village/ School should also send their details in a separate email at with subject line mentioning their interest in being Coordinator. Selected students can then lead Campaigns of INDIA Redefined in their area e.g. Educate India, Clean India, Green India, and Healthy India etc.

o    Choose two areas of your interest and download one INDIA Redefined banner, get it printed. Send 4-10 photographs of activities done by you with INDIA Redefined banner in the background on or as applicable. Please refer to old activity photographs in the Activities section of INDIA Redefined website for sample. Also send a project report detailing date, place, activity description, people involved and people benefitted etc.

o    For reference, please see photographs of Community Leadership Program by the students of National Law University, Jodhpur on

o    Corporate wanting to associate for CSR can mail at so that we can send them e-mail for the broad categories and some activity photos, which have been done (or underway) under INDIA Redefined movement.

o    For becoming our 3rd Sector Partners, NGOs can send details with their logo to contact@indiaredefined.orgfor conducting programs on INDIA Redefined platform.

To know more please read this interview of Visionary & Co-Founder of INDIA Redefined


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