Special Internship Program

Closing date-30th May2019
Ahardwork goal driven dedicated intern is needed to join the Project Director Office, WERP-India as a Personal Assistant 
Role and Day to day Responsibilities
1-Can work from Home and also in the office when require (Once in a while)
2-100 percent dedication and commitment to WERP-India
3-Can work to make calls and receive phone calls on behalf of Project Director
4-Can handle personal social media handle of the Project Director, especially TELEGRAM, Whatsapp, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Researchgate, academiaEdu
5-Can effectively manage and reply e-mails on Project Director official email -Can handle Project Director personal files and project documents
6-Can Assist Project Director in Research work, such as Literature Review, Writing Project Reports, Editing /Content writing, Research Reports etc
7-Available to move around the Delhi city with the Project Director once in a while for meetings with corporate organizations for support for WERP-India project

1-Lives in Delhi 
2-100 percent TRUST WORTHY
3-Hard and Smart working
4-Proactive and initiatives
5-Can think as a Project Director for WERP-India

1-Branded Certificate of Service for Women
4-Exposure to hardcore social research work on women empowerment
5-1000/ to 2000/- stipends per month.
6-Reimbursement for all traveling around the city expenses

If you are passionate and can fit into all above role and responsibilities, kindly join the whatsapp group for your 1st round of Interview.


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